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AAPI-LEAD Employee Affinity Organization




The Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islanders: Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Development (AAPI-LEAD) employee affinity group fosters networking, professional development, awareness, and support for Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islanders at Ohio University. It also serves as a resource for the larger AAPI community in Athens and Regional Higher Education (RHE) locations. AAPI-LEAD seeks to elevate awareness and advocate for the diverse needs of OHIO AAPI members through educational, cultural, and social activities. AAPI-LEAD aligns with OHIO’s inclusive excellence and strategic goals, as well as provides leadership regarding OHIO AAPI faculty, staff, student, and alumni issues.


AAPI-LEAD envisions itself to be a leading organization at OHIO to foster an inclusive, just, and equitable community at both the university and the larger Southeast region of Ohio in which AAPI members are valued, connected, supported, and empowered to reach their fullest potential.


  • Connection & Community Building
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Education & Advocacy
  • Social Justice

2022-2023 Strategic Goals and Action Items

Goal 1. Recruit and retain a diverse AAPI community.  

  • Establish a commitment to make AAPI people visible and valued on campus.  
  • Reach and create an inclusive board of leaders from diverse backgrounds. 
  • Recruit members inclusively to advance AAPI representation on campus. 
  • Build a network with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committees at different colleges and related university offices to foster a diverse, just, and inclusive campus climate for AAPI people.  
  • Expand partnerships with other DEI organizations on campus (e.g. AAPISU) and in the community (e.g. AAAA) to increase the visibility of AAPI people within and outside of Ohio University.  

Goal 2. Explore AAPI‘s contributions to teaching, research, and service related to campus diversity and inclusion. 

  • Explore the contributions of AAPI people to the university and to the community through research-based activities. 
  • Highlight AAPI’s contributions via various social media platforms in and outside of Ohio University to make AAPI highly valued.  

Goal 3. Explore AAPI faculty’s and staff’s sense of belonging and their needs.  

  • Explore AAPI’s sense of belonging and their needs through research-based activities. 
  • Work with related administration offices to make sure AAPI’s voice will be heard and needs will be addressed. 

Goal 4. Build a sustained commitment to continuous professional development in diversity and inclusion. 

  • Enhance AAPI’s knowledge and engagement of diversity, inclusion, and shared governance through workshops, training, and events.  
  • Make AAPI visible, heard, valued, and respected through continuous research presentations and publications in and outside Ohio University.  

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AAPI-LEAD Welcome Reception, September 14, 2021


    The Division of Diversity and Inclusion and University Human Resources supports OHIO Employee Affinity organizations in promoting a sense of belonging and providing a community for our employees, one of the Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan 2021 action