Ohio University

Peer Advisors

Looking for extra support as you begin your academic journey?  

Our amazing peer advisors are willing and able to provide extra support as you begin to navigate Ohio University.

During orientation you can request a peer advisor through our bridging program! Their profiles are shown below and you can request support through this link. Please rank your advisor choices and we will do our best to give you your first choice.

The peer advisors will offer a direct contact for questions or concerns you may have, and support or guidance as you begin to navigate your first semester at Ohio University. 

Adelaja Oriola Oriade

Oriade PA photo


Country of Origin:        Nigeria 

Languages I Speak:      English and Yoruba 

What I Do: Instructor, I teach media analysis and criticism and research the dynamics of social and political identities (e.g. Sex, gender, race, class, etc.) in popular culture. 

About Me: In my spare time, I watch football, hang out with friends, and watch ideological debates on YouTube.  

Alex Worrollo

Worrallo PA photo


Country of Origin: England 

Languages I Speak: English only 

What I Do: I am a student athlete on the field hockey team and am part of Classics Club. 

About Me: I enjoy many other sports as well as field hockey and whilst I can come off as quiet to begin with I quickly open up and love to help everyone! 

Mary Magdalene Chumbow

Chumbow PA

Country of Origin: Cameroon

Languages I speak: English, Swahili, French

What I Do: Apart from being an ISFS peer advisor, I am also part of the international Student Union Exec. Board, serving as a PR & Marketing Director. 

I am also an instructor of record in the Media Arts & Studies Department, set to teach Social Media Introduction.

About Me: am an digital media content creator, always with the brightest smile and loudest laughter in the room - there never is a dull moment with me in anyone's life 😅

Kea Khudu

Khudu PA photo


Country of origin: Botswana - Africa

What I Do:  First Year  Doctoral Student in Counselor Education and Supervision

Graduate Assistant, Counseling and Higher Education - Patton College of Education 

Languages I Speak: English, Setswana, Shekgalagari and some Afrikaans 

About Me: I love dancing, cooking and being in nature. I am an upcoming makeup artist. I tend to laugh out loud and smile a lot (when I’m not stressed).

Sanam Azadiamin

Azadiamin PA Photo

 Country of Origin: Iran

Languages I Speak: Azeri, Persian, Turkish, English 

What I Do: 3rd year PhD student in Industrial Systems Engineering program. At the same time, I work as TA/RA for my department, and I will be teaching Engineering Economy in Fall 2020.

About Me: As a hobby, I like painting, photography, travelling and exploring new places. People say I am a happy and social person😊. I believe life is short and we should be the reason of making our life better and beautiful. I like living for now and at the same time be thoughtful for the future. I love myself and when I feel down, I look back to what I have achieved so far. I like being around friends and I am always open to new adventures and opportunities.

Qiong Wu

Wu PA photo

Country of Origin: China

What I Do: Pursuing Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics. I am also teaching Chinese in the Chinese program at OU.

Languages I Speak: Mandarin and English.

About Me: I enjoy exercising a lot in my spare time. If you have any questions regarding Mandarin or looking for a workout buddy, please feel free to contact me!

Safiya Ahmed

Safiya PA photo

Country of Origin: Iraq

Languages I Speak: Arabic and English

What I Do: Doctoral Candidate in Civil Engineering

About Me: Giving up is always an option, but it has never been my choice




Dania Ashhab

ashhab PA image

Country of Origin: Jordanian of Palestinian origin.

What I Do: I am doing my masters in Applied Linguistics, teaching different Arabic courses and I also coordinate the Arabic program.

Languages I Speak: I speak Arabic, English and Spanish (un poquito)  😍 

About Me: Outside of my teaching world, I enjoy hiking and listening to music. AND I hold a deep appreciation for good books, coffee and fresh air!

Medrine Nyambura

Nyambura PA photo

Country of Origin: Kenya

Languages I Speak: English and Swahili

What I Do: MFA graduate student with Scripps College studying Communication Media Arts with a focus on Documentary Filmmaking and Immersive Media Storytelling. 

About Me: Instructor in theory and production media classes within Scripps College. Enjoys meeting new people from around the globe.