Ohio University


Campus Involvement Center

Ohio University
355 & 339 Baker University Center
Athens, Ohio 45701

(740) 593-4025


Char Kopchick Profile Picture
Char Kopchick
Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Involvement
T: (740) 593-4025
Baker University Center 355
Ann Addington Profile Picture
Ann Addington
Assistant Director of Health Promotion (Tobacco, Other Drugs & Recovery Programs)
T: (740) 593-4749
Baker University Center 321
Kim Bahr Profile Picture
Kim Bahr
Administrative Services Associate (Budgets)
T: (740) 593-4726
Baker University Center 355
Josh Gruenke Profile Picture
Josh Gruenke
Associate Director of Student Activities (Student Organizations, Sorority & Fraternity Life, Homecoming)
T: (740) 593-1761
Baker University Center 339
Matthew Hall Profile Picture
Mathew Hall
Assistant Director of Health Promotion (Bystander Intervention, Power Based Personal Violence Education)
T: (740) 597-7971
Baker University Center 355
Barb Harrison Profile Picture
Barb Harrison
Assistant Director of Community Engagement (Community Service, Off-Campus Living)
T: (740) 593-4098
Baker University Center 361
Andrew Holzapfel Profile Picture
Andrew Holzaepfel
Senior Associate Director for Student Activities (Performing Arts & Concert Series, Campus Programs)
T: (740) 593-1760
Baker University Center 339
Kristen Kardas Profile Picture
Kristen Kardas
Assistant Director for Sorority & Fraternity Life (Sorority & Fraternity Life)
T: (740) 593-4065
Baker University Center 330
Terry Koons Profile Picture
Terry Koons
Associate Director of Health Promotion (Health Promotion, Alcohol and Other Drug Research)
T: (740) 593-4025
Baker University Center 355
Corbin Marsh Profile Picture
Corbin Marsh
Assistant Director of Programming (Performing Arts & Concert Series, Campus Programs)
T: (740) 593-4744
Baker University Center 339
Makenzie Olaker Profile Picture
Makenzie Olaker
Interim Assistant Director for Student Organizations (Student Organizations)
T: (740) 593-4742
Baker University Center 339
Joyce Skinner Profile Picture
Joyce Skinner
Accounting Support Associate/Student Organizations (Student Organization Finance)
T: (740) 593-4127
Baker University Center 339


The Campus Involvement Center’s mission is to provide meaningful, high quality out-of-class opportunities through programs and experiences that foster

  • practical application of classroom learning,
  • the development of healthy lifestyles including low risk choices,
  • participation in student organizations
  • and involvement and service in Athens and the greater community;

all guided to reflect the five core values of Ohio University: character, community citizenship, civility and commitment.