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International Student Tax Return Information

In cooperation with the Ohio University Tax Compliance Department, ISSS would like to provide the FAQ below for students seeking more information on filing for a tax return. View an online workshop hosted by Tax Compliance Manager Robert Payne. You can also see the powerpoint [PDF]

If you have further questions after consulting the workshop and the FAQ, you may email Robert at More information on filing State of Ohio and School District taxes [PDF].



Do I have to file a federal income tax return?
  • Requirements to file a federal income tax return are based on receiving income from U.S. sources.
  • Nonresident Aliens who are present in the U.S. under an F, J, M or Q immigration status are required to file Form 8843 regardless of if they have received any income.
What types of tax returns are required to be filed?

Individuals living in Athens, are typically required to file a federal, Ohio state, and Ohio school district tax return.

What is my U.S. tax status?
  • U.S. tax status is used to determine which tax system applies to you and which tax returns to file.
  • For U.S. tax purposes, there are four U.S. tax statuses: U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident Alien, Resident Alien for tax purposes, and Nonresident for tax purposes.
How do I know if I am a Nonresident Alien or a Resident Alien for tax purposes?
  • Individuals are considered Nonresident Aliens for tax purposes until they meet the substantial presence test.
  • Glacier can help determine your U.S. tax status.
  • Typically, individuals present in the U.S. under an F, J, M, or Q student immigration status will e a Nonresident Alien for the first five calendar years they are present in the U.S.; individuals present in the U.S. under a J or Q non-student immigrant status will be a Nonresident Alien for the first two calendar years they are present in the U.S. Individual facts and circumstances must be considered to determine exceptions to the general rule.
I received Form 1098-T. How do I enter it into GTP?
  • Form 1098-T is not an income form and is not applicable to Nonresident Aliens.
  • Taxable fellowships and scholarships are reported on Form 1042-S.
I received Form 1095-A. How do I enter it into GTP?

If you enrolled in health insurance through the Marketplace, you should have received Form 1095-A. Form 1095-A is provided to assist you in determining your premium tax credit under the Affordable Care Act. If you received Form 1095-A and took an advance on the premium tax credit or wish to take the premium tax credit, you will need to prepare your tax return manually, outside of GTP. Form 8962 is used to determine the premium tax credit and can be found here:

Why did other students using GTP get a different tax return than I did when we are in the same program?

Each tax return depends on the particular facts and circumstances of each individual's situation. The information entered into GTP will determine the most appropriate form for your situation: this may or may not be the same as your friend's tax return. 

Other international students in my program file their tax returns electronically online. Why can't I do that with GTP?
  • Individuals who are U.S. Citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens, or Resident Aliens for tax purposes are eligible to electronically file their tax returns; Nonresident Aliens are not generally eligible to electronically file their tax documents. As stated in the instruction sheet that prints with your tax return prepared through GTP, you must PRINT, REVIEW, SIGN AND MAIL the return to the IRS.
  • Students that are Nonresident Aliens for tax purposes that filed their tax return online most likely filed an incorrect tax return.
  • Filing an incorrect tax return is a very serious issue and will result in a $205 penalty and possible elimination of all tax deductions, allowances and/or treaty exemptions. This can also lead to green card applications being rejected.
I have a "friend" that can prepare return for a small fee. Is that okay?
  • Only licensed tax preparers should charge a fee for the preparation of a tax return. The preparer charging for the completion of your return should have a licensed PTIN number issued by the IRS and sign your tax return as a paid preparer. Any tax return not signed by a paid preparer is considered self-prepared and the individual taxpayer is responsible for any errors or omissions.
  • You can find tax preparers here:
Where can I get more assistance using GTP?

If you have questions or need assistance, please click on "Help" at the top right of any screen in GTP. If you have additional questions, you may send them to In your email, please be as specific as possible. Please DO NOT include your social security number or ITIN in the email as we do not need that information to assist you. All support questions are handled by GTP support via email; no phone calls will be accepted. 

Am I eligible for the stimulus payment?

To be eligible for the stimulus payment you must meet the following criteria:  

  • Must have received compensation (payment for a job).  This means you would have received a W2 form from your employer for filing your taxes. 
  • Have a valid social security number 
  • Not be a dependent on another person’s tax return 
  • Must have been eligible to file and have filed a 1040 tax return in 2018 and/or 2019 
  • Ability to file the 1040 tax return is contingent on passing the substantial presence test. See next bullet for more information. 
  • Students who do not pass the substantial presence test must file a 1040NR tax return 
  • Must pass the substantial presence test and be considered a resident alien for tax purposes.  
  • Please use Glacier to confirm your residency status.  
  • Glacier website link: 
  • If you do not remember your password you can use the Glacier system to reset it 
  • As a reminder, all students received an email from the Glacier tax system to their student email at the end of February – email sender is: – to prompt them to prepare their taxes 
I received the payment, but I do not meet the criteria above. What should I do?

Some international students in the U.S. have been sent the stimulus check or received a direct deposit because they erroneously filed the wrong tax form. This most frequently occurs when student use a software service like TurboTax, which cannot be used by non-residents (as defined by the IRS).   

If this scenario applies to you, it is important to know that you cannot keep the money. You will need to file an amended tax return with the correct form and return the stimulus money. Instructions for filing an amended tax return are attached to this email. Instructions for returning the stimulus money can be found here.  

How can I get an electronic copy of my W-2 from Ohio University?

You can access an electronic version of your Ohio University W-2 by logging into My Personal Information (MPI).

If you need assistance accessing MPI, please call the IT Service Desk at 740.593.1222.

What is a 1099G and how do I know if I should have one?

The 1099G is a tax reporting document that reports any State or Local income tax refunds received from the previous tax year. If you filed taxes last year and received a refund from the State of Ohio or your Locality you should receive a 1099G. 

I did not receive a State of Ohio1099G and think I should have. Where can I get an electronic copy?

You can retrieve an electronic copy of your 1099G by visiting the State of Ohio tax website

You must create an I-File account to be able to access electronic versions of Ohio tax forms (such as your 1099G). I-File accounts are only available to individuals who have previously filed an Ohio return. If you need help with the 1099G or creating an I-File account you can call the Ohio Department of Taxation at 1-800-282-1780. 

What should I use for my DSO (Designated School Official) phone number when asked by the Glacier Tax Prep System?

For Glacier you should use the main line for International Student and Scholar Services; 740-593-4330.

What does the term 'academic supplies' refer to for Federal Taxes?

Academic supplies are required supplies for your academic program that are noted in the academic catalogue. For instance, a portfolio for an art student.

I moved, what address should I use on my tax return?

It is important that you use your current address when you file your taxes.

Please note: When you finish the Glacier Tax Prep, you will be provided with an updated W-4 form that can be submitted to Ohio University Human Resources (OUHR) to update your address for any future human resources related mailings. Use this form to securely submit your paperwork to OUHR. 

Anything I should know when preparing to send my return?

It is essential that you keep copies of all documents that you send to the IRS. You will not be able to access your previous year's return in Glacier. 

Make sure to use mail tracking (FedEx, UPS, or USPS) when sending your tax return. Since non-resident alien tax returns take several months to process it is helpful for you to have confirmation that the IRS received your submission.