Thesis and Dissertation Workshops

The following workshops are offered by TAD Services to assist students in preparing and filing theses and dissertations. For formatting instructions and required forms, go to the TAD Services webpage. For questions and manuscript format checks, please email

The workshops below are recommended for all students filing theses or dissertations. Please email to register for any workshop. Please include the workshop title and date in the email registration.

Video guides to most techniques demonstrated in the both the MS Word and Tables and Figures workshops are available as online trainings for both PC and Mac, for those unable to attend a workshop:

MS Word Training (Mac)MS Word Training (PC)

Workshop Descriptions

TAD Process Workshop

This workshop provides guidance for students wishing to create a schedule for completing their thesis or dissertation within a given timeframe. Sample schedules for planning to complete the TAD Process within one, three, six months, or other timelines will be presented. If time allows, the presenter will assist individual attendees with their own planning processes.

The TAD Services webpage includes templates for various timeframes as above.

Graduation Workshop

This workshop is recommended for any student filing a thesis or dissertation in the near future, or who may be leaving town. Faculty and staff are also invited to attend. All steps and paperwork required are covered for those filing theses or dissertations.

The TAD Services webpage has a video on the front page that covers the steps and forms required for students when completing the TAD process.

If you have questions about the graduation process, please contact

Microsoft Word Workshop

This workshop covers use of the template and skills for formatting manuscripts
in Word. The lesson is designed to show students and faculty how to format and troubleshoot manuscripts in Microsoft Word including: how to use TAD templates, setting global margins and headers, line spacing, page and section breaks, page numbering, automating the table of contents, formatting headings (styles), creating right aligned tab stops with dot leaders for simple List of Tables/Figures, landscaping pages, setting hanging indents on the reference page, formatting block quotes, widow and orphan controls and more.

Tables/Figures Workshop

This workshop is recommended to students who need assistance formatting
tables, figures, photo, objects, etc., into theses or dissertations. Students with many graphs, tables, images or objects will learn about automating lists of tables and figures, compressing objects, placement and formatting techniques.

Workshop Schedule

Schedule coming soon!