Microsoft Word Training for Mac

TAD Services has created the following videos to help demonstrate the most common questions, difficulties, and errors students face in the formatting process.

These videos demonstrate the various processes in Word 2008 for the Mac. Many locations and processes have not changed in later versions, although there are some differences. If you need assistance with a later version of Word, please email

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Getting Started with the TAD Templates

Download, update the form, then unprotect the template to get started. This video will help you get started with TAD Services' most useful tool.


Modifying and Updating Headings and the Automated Table of Contents

Using the Styles panel and Headings to update the automated table of contents will enable you to have an accurate listing of page numbers with the click of a mouse button.

Creating, Modifying, or Replacing the Automated Table of Contents

When the Table of Contents isn't displaying correctly, this video will show you how to modify or completely remove and replace it.

Setting Up an Automated List of Tables or Figures

If you have several tables or figures in your document, it may save you time to code the captions and build an automated list of tables or list of figures. This video will show you how.

Setting or Correcting Global Margins

For those not using the template or having problems with page margins.

Landscaping Pages, Page Number Troubleshooting, Tables and Figures

Landscaping a section of the document, page numbers restarting from 1, missing page numbers and other troubleshooting.

Correcting Line Spacing, Block Quotes and References

Quick tips for consistent space between paragraphs and indents on block quotes and references.

Avoiding Widows, Orphans, and Misplaced Headings

A few clicks can avoid text placement issues and keep your headings with the paragraphs they belong to instead of at the bottom of the page before.

Printing to PDF

Ensuring that your PDF looks as good as your Word document and ensuring your fonts are embedded.