Current Student FAQ

I never finished my degree. How do I come back and complete it?

There is a time limit for completing a graduate degree. Review the information in the Graduate Catalog Academic Policies and Procedures section for details. If you have not exceeded your time to degree, complete a Re-Enrollment form.

If you have exceeded the time to your degree, talk first with your academic program about your desire to return. Once you have determined whether or not your request for readmission will be supported, you will need to submit a new application. Review the FAQ “Instructions for Reapplying to Complete a Degree” for further information.

I have not been registered for a few semesters. How do I get registered now?

Complete a Re-Enrollment Form and submit it to the Graduate College. You will find the form on our Forms webpage. If you have exceeded the time limit to your degree program, you will need to reapply and be readmitted before you can register.

How can I become a resident of Ohio?

View information on becoming an Ohio resident. To petition to become an Ohio resident, you will need to submit a Request for Residency Review form that can be found on our Forms page under Applications and Admission. Read and carefully follow the instructions and return the form along with any supporting documentation to the Graduate College.

Instructions for Reapplying to Complete a Degree

You must complete a new application in order to be readmitted and have your degree conferred. Once the application is submitted, it is available to your department through the Graduate Admission System. After the program has added their readmission recommendation, the Graduate College will update your student account. You will be readmitted under the current academic catalog, and as part of your readmission, you will be required to meet all current degree requirements.

Online Application The application is designed primarily for persons applying for initial admission to a degree program. There are some form requirements that will not pertain to you, so this letter serves as a guide to assist you in working around those requirements.

Begin on Step 1: Create Your Account. Once you have an account created, select the application and complete your information. On the next page, select the Graduate Degree Seeking Application under “Graduate Admissions.” Please note - you ARE completing a new application. If your initial application was completed online, you will find previous information pre-populating some of the fields. Review the application carefully and add/update any information which needs to change, corrected, or added. Be sure to enter your Ohio University PID number in the appropriate box.

On page 2 of the application under the header “Application Information” select “This is NOT my first application…” and “reapplying to complete a degree…. “ The reapplication fee is $25.

If you have a social security number, that is essential to ensuring that information from this application is loaded into your existing student record. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to provide it. The SSN field is found under Funding on the second page. You will need to check “Yes” to one of the two questions there to expose the SSN field.

On page 3, select your degree program. If the program you are trying to complete is not available for selection, please save and exit the application and contact your department for assistance in identifying a new program for readmission.

Select your new application term from the terms available in the application. Not all programs admit every term, so it is possible that the term you wish may not be open for selection. If you do not find your desired readmission term listed, please contact Dr. Katherine Tadlock at the Graduate College – or at 740.593.2860. Be sure to include your PID number in any email or voice mail message. Please do NOT select an admission term that is not your desired term of entry.

On page 4, if you already have a letter of readmission, please upload a copy of that to the application on page 4 under Supporting Materials: Other Supplemental Materials. If you do not yet have a letter of readmission, you are encouraged to upload an updated resume and a statement regarding your readmission request under respective upload options (Resume, Statement).

Under Potential Academic Advisor, list your advisor or thesis/dissertation chair person.

On page 5, be sure that your academic history is correct. You must list all institutions previously and currently attended, including Ohio University. If you have attended any other colleges or universities after admission to your degree program, you will need to provide transcripts from those institutions.

Test information is not required unless you have been advised by your academic department to submit any new information.

On page 6, the application form requires text in the recommender names, e-mail addresses, a selection of whether or not you are waiving access to recommendations. If your program has advised you that they want you to submit letters of support, you can provide names of those persons here. If you have not been asked to submit recommendations or support letters, please mark the Online Recommendation option box “No” and enter “Not” and “Required” for first/last names, and for the e-mail addresses. Failure to enter text will prevent you from completing the application.

Complete pages 7 and/or 8 if they apply to you. On page 9, answer the felony questions. On page 10, review the information and complete the signature box. Your application cannot be modified in any way once it has been submitted, so please be sure it is complete and accurate before you select “submit and pay.” When you are ready to proceed, select submit and pay. On the payment processing page you will see the payment amount in the Invoice box. If the amount is not $25, please return to the second page and be sure you have selected the Application Information option “reapplying to complete a degree.” Once you confirm that, if you continue to see an invoice amount that is not $25, please save and exit the application and contact Nikole Morris in the Graduate College. Ms. Morris can be reached at or 740/597/2599. If you submit the incorrect application fee we cannot refund any overpayment. If you encounter difficulty with the system accepting your credit card, please review the Application & Admissions FAQ page for suggestions.

Please note:

  • Changes to your name, birth date or social security number must be reported to the Office of the Registrar in order to update your student account. This application will not modify those existing records.
  • Updates in classification as a resident of Ohio for tuition purposes are not automatic. If you were classified as a non-resident of Ohio for tuition purposes at the time of your last registration, that classification will remain effective unless you petition for a reclassification review. You will find information, deadlines, and the petition form online.
When do I bring a Registration Permission Slip to the Graduate College?

Registration slips are accepted by the Graduate College after the second Friday of the semester. Prior to that date, your permission slip should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office in Chubb Hall.

If you have a registration hold place by the Graduate College, you will need a Graduate College waiver to allow registration to be processed. In this case, bring your permission slip to the Graduate College office.

Registration after the second week of the semester will result in late fees. Please review the Academic Calendar for details.

How can I appeal a grade?

The grade appeal policy is outlined in the Graduate Catalog, Academic Policies and Procedures section. The Office of the Ombudsman has an information on the following web page:

Why do I have a hold on my account even though I have already graduated?

Graduate students are eligible to register only when they have current academic status. Once you graduate, you need to apply for and be admitted to a new status in order to continue to register. If your My OHIO Student Center shows a registration hold, please click through the item to review the details and then contact the appropriate office if you have additional questions.

How do I add a class after registration closes?

To add a class to your schedule after registration has closed, you need to bring a completed permission slips to the Graduate College. Note that if you do not register for any classes during registration, late registration fees apply. See the Academic Calendar for details.

How do I change my registration hours after registration closes?

Adding a class: You can add a course by bringing a permission slip to the Graduate College.

Increasing hours in a specific class: You can increase hours in a flexible-hours course by bringing a permission slip with the correct number of hours to the Graduate College.

Registration beyond 18 credits will incur additional tuition charges.

Please note, your registration is fixed once registration is closed. Any withdrawal does not reduce the total number of registration hours.