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Talon Sams

Talon standing outside WIEC

Senior Peer Advisor


Meet Talon.

Preferred pronouns: He, him, his

Talon is a current Peer Advisor (PA) for the Office of Global Opportunities. He started working with the office in August 2018 as a PA. In addition to advising study away students, Talon will also help the office manage our website. Talon is majoring in Theatre Production and is planning to start a degree in ITS. He has participated on an OHIO program for a full semester in London, England with Andre Gribou on the Fine Arts London program. Talon has also travelled to Scotland, The Netherlands, and various parts of the England.

What advice would you give a student interested in a Global Program?

In your interest, you’ve already made it past the hardest part: thinking you can’t fit, or can’t afford, or can’t find a programme that would want you—that is, not thinking that a study away wouldn’t be worth its weight. Study abroad isn’t auxiliary, and while you can never buy perspective, travelling abroad, especially in an educational programme, is among the best ways to broaden your way of thinking.

What is your most memorable learning experience you had while on a global program?

"I have to pick one‽ I’m terribly proud of an experience I had in the National Gallery. Walking through the Early Italian Renaissance section with my friend who studies art history, I was able to put painting in a rational context, and began to understand what painting, as a form, was. From then, I learned a lot about many forms of physical art--this all came to be immensely helpful to my fine arts major! "

What was your motivation or deciding factor in choosing to participate in a global program?

" I was looking for a bit of a retreat from Athens, so I went to the study abroad fair, where I met my programme director. I was very interested in the content of the programme, and it turned out to be cheaper than a semester in Athens!"


Talon sitting by a statue in England.






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