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non-university scholarship opportunities

Scholarship opportunity information provided by Financial Aid.
Agency Name Contact Information Application Deadline Description
Medina County Retired Teachers Association http://medinacrta.weebly.com/scholarships--grants.html 2017-05-01 $1000 scholarship for Medina County High School graduates. Please see website for more details.
Payne, Nickles and Company Scholarship www.pncpa.biz 2017-05-05 Two $2000 scholarships offered. Open to 4th and 5th year accounting majors intended to assist students in meeting 150-hour requirement to take CPA exam. Please review web site for more details.
American Society Industrial Security Scholarship https://www.asis27.org/about-asis/scholarships 2017-05-15 Scholarship amount may vary. Merit scholarship for students who are interested in a career in the private security, law enforcement, or criminal justice professions. Please review web site for additional details.
Citrix https://rightsignature.com/scholarship 2017-05-15 $5000 first place, $3000 second place, and $2000 third place scholarships. Requires 600-800 word essay about a signature you have either given or received that was important in your life. Please see website for more details.
Music Skanner https://www.musicskanner.com/?scholarship 2017-05-15 $750 Scholarship; 1500 minimum word essay required relating to Music and/or Music Marketing. Please reference web page for details.
B. Davis Scholarship http://www.studentawardsearch.com/scholarships.htm 2017-05-22 $1000 B Davis Scholarship. Scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post secondary institution. Please review website for more details.
Future of Work Scholarship for HR-Payscale, Inc. http://www.payscale.com/education/scholarship 2017-05-30 Future of Work Scholarship for HR is open to any student who is currently studying or plans to study Human Resources or Business in college. Opportunity is applicable to both current and new college bound high school seniors. Please see website for more details.
AZAZIE Scholarship https://www.azazie.com/scholarship Azazie, Inc. 2218 OLD MIDDLEFIELD WAY, UNIT D MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, 94043-2055 2017-05-31 $1000 Scholarship. Write 500-800 word essay; How would technology influence the fashion industry in the future?
DialMyCalls Scholarship https://www.dialmycalls.com/scholarship.html 2017-05-31 $1500 first place and $500 second place scholarship. Requires 750 word essay on school notifications and how you feel it is shaping the younger generation. Please see website for more details.
LegalNature's Business School https://www.legalnature.com/scholarship 2017-05-31 $5000 scholarship for business students, required to create a 1 minute long video. Please review website for more details.
Big Sun Scholarship http://www.bigsunathletics.com athleticawards@bigsunathletics.com 2017-06-19 $500 Big Sun Scholarship. All student athletes may apply; must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute. Please review website for more details.
Good Fitness Power https://goodfitnesspower.com/scholarship 2017-06-30 $1000 Scholarship, minimum 700 word essay required. Please review website for more details.
GoodCall https://www.goodcall.com/scholarship/ 2017-06-30 $2500 scholarship; 400-500 word essay required. Please see website for more details.
Helpful Habitat https://helpfulhabitat.com/scholarship/ 2017-06-30 $500 Scholarship, 250-500 word essay required. Please review website for more details.
Gadgetonic http://gadgetonic.com/scholarship/ 2017-07-01 $1000 scholarship; requires 700-1000 word essay on the subject "Future of Gadgets and Virtual Reality". Please see website for more details.
Indy Displays http://www.indydisplays.com/content/16-graphic-arts-scholarship 2017-07-01 $1000 scholarship for graphic design and visual arts students; required to create a unique visual design and write a 200-300 word essay.
EZstorit http://ezstorit.com/scholarship/ 2017-07-20 $500 Scholarship, Application Form and a 300-500 word essay required. Please refer to web page
Sugar Spun Run https://sugarspunrun.com/scholarship 2017-08-01 $500 Scholarship, Essay not to exceed 1000 words. Please reference web page for additional details.
Brown PC http://www.browntax.com/National-Founders-Undergraduate-Business-Student-Scholarship.shtml http://www.browntax.com/National-Founder-s-Graduate-Business-Student-Scholarship.shtml 2017-08-07 $500 scholarship for business majors with demonstrated interested in entrepreneurship. Please reference web page for details.
Counter Culturist Literaturature http://counterculturist.net/scholarship/ 2017-08-10 $500 Scholarship; Essay over 1000 words required on the topic, "How (Favorite Author/Book) Changed My Life." Please reference web page for details.
Lucky Patcher App Development Company http://www.lucky-patcher.co/scholarships/ email: scholarship@lucky-patcher.co 2017-08-15 $2500 Scholarship, original blog post or a 500-1000 word essay on subject of technology. Please reference web page for details.
TagTech.com Digital Marketing http://thetagtech.com/scholarship/ 2017-11-30 $500 Scholarship; 750-1000 word essay required. Please review website for more details.
SeniorAdvisor.com https://www.senioradvisor.com/ind/assisted-living 2017-12-31 $2000 Scholarship; requires 250 word introductory bio with 500-750 word essay. Please review the website for more details.