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Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholars

Students posing outside a building

Each year, the Voinovich School offers competitive scholar positions to outstanding Ohio University students looking for career preparation opportunities and basic/applied research skills. Students gain valuable team and leadership experience working alongside Voinovich School faculty and professional staff. Service to the region is primary to the research efforts of the various Voinovich School units, so Scholars will be doing work that makes a real difference in Ohio communities and beyond.

Connect classroom learning, passion, and talents to hands-on project work

Over the past 20 years, more than 250 students have participated in the Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholars program. Scholars represent a wide range of disciplines and lend their talents from every college. Opportunities include innovative research and work related to energy and the environment, entrepreneurship and regional development, and public policy and leadership.



Scholars are recruited every Spring semester and should commit to at least one full academic year.

Academic Credit

Scholars do not usually earn academic credit for this work, but Scholars interested in academic credit should discuss with their academic advisor.

Cost & Scholarship Availability

Scholars receive hourly pay for their research and work contributions.


“As a Voinovich Scholar, I had numerous opportunities to collaborate with staff and students on projects aimed at addressing some of the issues affecting communities in Ohio. I understood how the work I did in the classroom overlapped with my work as a Voinovich Scholar, and now that I’ve started working in my chosen field, I am encouraged to see how they have both prepared me for my career.”

-- Aleah Cumberbatch, MPA

Aleah Cumerbatch