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Orientation Leader

Students at orientation

OHIO’s orientation programs are designed to ensure all students and their families/guests are welcomed, comfortable in their transitions, connected to campus resources, and confident in their academic schedules before beginning their first semester on the Athens campus of Ohio University. Student staff guide program participants through orientation, facilitate small group sessions, assist faculty and staff who partner with our programs, and create an inclusive environment where learning and growth can occur.

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are students hired specifically to work with student participants attending our orientation programs. Students in this role are assigned to work with at least two specific colleges (one as a primary assignment and one as a secondary assignment). OLs will be expected to learn about the student experience in these particular colleges (such as curriculum requirements, internship expectations, and student organization opportunities). Student staff in this position will support participants in these programs in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, presenting sessions on academic expectations, facilitating small group icebreakers and activities, and assisting students as they learn course registration processes and register for first semester courses.



Training through a 1-credit spring class. Support orientation programs primarily in June.

Academic Credit

Orientation Leaders earn 1 credit for participating in the Bobcat Student Orientation Theory & Practice class.

Cost & Scholarship Availability

Orientation leaders receive a stipend for May training and June orientation programs, as well as hourly pay for time spent working other programs.


"It’s an amazing feeling to watch first-year students grow..."

“Being an orientation leader and learning community leader has been an important part of my OHIO experience,” Burke said. “It’s an amazing feeling to watch first-year students grow and know that you were part of their first experiences with college.”
-- Ellie Burke, Recent graduate and former orientation leader

Ellie Burke with cat