ICMT Thesis + Dissertations

Master's Theses

"Developing Methods for Proper Determination of Alkalinity in Oil and Gas Field Brines", Jason W. Dreher, December 2022.

"Mechanical Characteristics and Adherence of Corrosion Products on Mild Steel," Prieto Nieto, Claudia, December 2019.

"A Molecular Dynamics Study to Understand Behavior of Corrosion Inhibitors in Bulk Aqueous Phase and Near Metal-Water Interface"[PDF], Yathish Kurapati, May 2018.

"The Effect of Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) on CO2 Corrosion Mechanisms"[PDF], Roberto A. Ruiz, December 2017.

"Effect of Flow on the Formation of Iron Carbonate and Influence of Exposed Iron Carbide Layer"[PDF], Maria C. Di Bonaventura, August 2017.

"Formation of Black Powder Components by Dewing and Hygroscopic Corrosion Processes" [PDF], Martin L. Colahan, April 2017.

"Characterization and Prediction of Water Droplet Size in Oil-Water Flow" [PDF], Juncheng Yao, August 2016.

"Water Chemistry and Corrosion Inhibition in High Pressure CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel" [PDF], Mohd Farid Mohamed, May 2015.

"A Corrosion Model for Production Tubing" [PDF], Kyle A. Addis, December 2014.

"Iron Carbide Development and its Effect on Inhibitor Performance" [PDF], Akram Al-Asadi, December 2014.

"Effect of Calcium on the Formation and Protectiveness of the Iron Carbonate Layer in CO2 Corrosion" [PDF], Saba Navabzadeh Esmaeely, August 2013.

"Validation of Top of the Line Corrosion Prediction Model Using Laboratory and Field Measurements" [PDF], Ussama Kaewpradap, December 2012.

"Investigation of Environmental Effects on Intrinsic and Galvanic Corrosion of Mild Steel Weldment" [PDF], Lei Huang, June 2012.

"Investigation of Pseudo-Passive Layer Formation in CO2 Corrosion" [PDF], Wei Li, June 2011.

"Localized CO2 Corrosion in the Presence of Organic Acids" [PDF], Vanessa Fajardo Nino de Rivera, March 2011.

"Effect of Paraffins on Carbon Dioxide Corrosion and Water Wetting in Oil-Water Systems" [PDF], Shanshan Yang, June 2010.

"Effect of Oxygen on CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel" [PDF], Shufan Wang, March 2009.

"Erosion-Corrosion in Disturbed Liquid Particle Flow" [PDF], Joshua F. Addis, November 2008.

"Low Temperature and High Salt Concentration Effect on General CO2 Corrosion for Carbon Steel" [PDF], Haitao Fang, November 2006.

"CO2 Top of the Line Corrosion in the Presence of H2S" [PDF], Alvaro Camacho Manuitt, August 2006.

"EIS Investigation of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion under Film Forming Conditions" [PDF], Shilpha R. Parakala, June 2005.

"Erosion Corrosion and Synergistic Effects in Disturbed Liquid-Particle Flow" [PDF], Ramakrishna Malka, June 2005.

"A Two-Dimensional Stochastic Model for Predication of Localized Corrosion" [PDF], Ying Xiao, November 2004.

"The Role of a Biofilm and its Characteristics in Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Steel" [PDF], Chintan M. Jhobalia, November 2004.

"Investigation of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Growth Behavior for the Mitigation of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) " [PDF], An Hu, November 2004.

"H2S Multiphase Flow Loop CO2 Corrosion in the Presence of Trace Amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide" [PDF], Bruce N. Brown, November 2004.

"Film Formation and CO2 Corrosion in the Presence of Acetic Acid" [PDF], Omkar A. Nafday, August 2004.

"A Study of Inhibitor-Scale Interaction in Carbon Dioxide Corrosion of Mild Steel" [PDF], Kunal K. Chokshi, June 2004.

"Electochemical Investigation of Carbon Dioxide Corrosion of Mild Steel in the Presence of Acetic Acid" [PDF], Keith S. George, March 2003.

Ph.D. Dissertations

"Initiation and Propagation of Localized Corrosion of Mild Steel in Marginally Sour Environments", Wei Gianna Zhang, December 2020.

"Localized Corrosion Initiation of Steel in CO2 Environments", Xin Gao, August 2020.

"Influence of Calcium and Magnesium Ions and their Carbonate Scales on CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel", Hamed Mansoori, May 2020.

"Mechanistic Understanding of CO2 Corrosion Inhibition at Elevated Temperatures", Ding Yuan, May 2019.

"The Effect of Flow on the Development and Retention of Iron Sulfide Corrosion Product Layers", Ezechukwu Anayanwu, May 2019.
"Mechanisms of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Caused by Corrosive Biofilms and its Mitigation Using Enhanced Biocide Treatment", Ru Jia, December 2018.    
"Mechanism and Prediction of Mild Steel Corrosion in Aqueous Solutions Containing Carboxylic Acids, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen Sulfide", Aria Kahyarian, December 2018.

"Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion of Mild Steel at Elevated Temperatures"[PDF], Shujun Gao, August 2018.

"Galvanic Localized Corrosion of Mild Steel under Iron Sulfide Corrosion Product Layers"[PDF], Saba Navabzadeh Esmaeely, May 2018.

"Role of Interfacial Chemistry on Wettability and Carbon Dioxide Corrosion of Mild Steels" [PDF], Marijan Babic, April 2017.

"The Effect of Oxygen in Sweet Corrosion of Carbon Steel for Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications" [PDF], Nor Roslina Rosli, December 2015.

"Effect of Wall Shear Stress on Corrosion Inhibitor Film Performance" [PDF], Christian M. Canto Maya, December 2015.

"Top of the Line Corrosion in CO2/H2S Environments" [PDF], Najmiddin Yaakob, May 2015.

"Electrochemical Mechanisms and Model of H2S Corrosion of Carbon Steel" [PDF], Yougui Zheng, May 2015.

"Corrosion Mechanisms of Mild Steel in Weak Acids" [PDF], Thu N. B. Tran, August 2014.

"A study of flow patterns and surface wetting in gas-oil-water flow" [PDF], Kok Eng Kee, August 2014.

"Effect of Carbon Steel Composition and Microstructure on CO2 Corrosion" [PDF], Emad S. Akeer, August 2014.

"Mechanistic Study of Under Deposit Corrosion of Mild Steel in Aqueous Carbon Dioxide Solution" [PDF], Jin Huang, December 2013.

"The Influence of Sulfides on Localized Corrosion of Mild Steel" [PDF], Bruce N. Brown, December 2013.

"Mechanism of Corrosion by Naphthenic Acids and Organosulfur Compounds at High Temperatures" [PDF], Peng Jin, December 2013.

"Study and Modeling of the Localized Nature of Top of the Line Corrosion" [PDF], Marc Singer, August 2013.

"Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Mechanisms and Mitigation" [PDF], Dake Xu, August 2013.

"Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Carbon Dioxide Corrosion of Mild Steel at Elevated Temperatures" [PDF], Tanaporn Tanupabrungsun, May 2013.

"The Effect of Turbulent Flow on Corrosion of Mild Steel in High Partial CO2 Environments" [PDF], Azmi Mohammed Nor, May 2013.

"Influence of Water/Hydrocarbons Co-Condensation on Top of the Line Corrosion" [PDF], Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng, December 2012.

"Multiphase Flow Effects on Naphthenic Acid Corrosion of Carbon Steel" [PDF], Nicolas Jauseau, December 2012.

"Removal Mechanisms of Protective Iron Carbonate Layer in Flowing Solutions" [PDF], Yang Yang, August 2012.

"Investigation of Localized Corrosion of Carbon Steel in H2S Environments" [PDF], Haitao Fang, March 2012.

"AFM Studies of the Metallicity of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Corrosion Inhibitor Adsorption" [PDF], Yao Xiong, August 2011.

"Effect of Surface State on Water Wetting and Carbon Dioxide Corrosion in Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow" [PDF], Xuanping Tang, June 2011.

"A Mechanistic Model for CO2 Localized Corrosion of Carbon Steel" [PDF], Hui Li, June 2011.

"Crude Oil Chemistry Effects on Corrosion Inhibition and Phase Wetting in Oil-Water Flow" [PDF], Francois Ayello, November 2010.

"Corrosion of Steel at High Temperature in Naphthenic Acid and Sulfur Containing Crude Oil Fractions" [PDF], Gheorghe M. Bota, November 2010.

"Galvanic Mechanism of Localized Corrosion for Mild Steel in Carbon Dioxide Environments" [PDF], Jiabin Han, November 2009.

"Effect of Corrosion Inhibition on Water Wetting and Carbon Dioxide Corrosion in Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow" [PDF], Chong Li, June 2009.

"Investigation of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) and Biocide Treatment in Anaerobic Salt Water and Development of A Mechanistic MIC Model" [PDF], Kaili Zhao, November 2008.

"A Study of Top of the Line Corrosion Under Dropwise Condensation" [PDF], Ziru Zhang, March 2008.

"Kinetics of Iron Carbonate and Iron Sulfide Scale Formation in CO2/H2S Corrosion" [PDF], Wei Sun, November 2006.

"A Mechanistic Modeling of CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel in the Presence of H2S" [PDF], Kun-Lin John Lee, November 2004.

"Localized CO2 Corrosion in Horizontal Wet Gas Flow" [PDF], Yuhua Sun, June 2003.

"Experimental and theoretical study of the phenomena of corrosion by carbon dioxide under dewing conditions at the top of horizontal pipeline in the presence of a non-condensable gas" [PDF], Frederic Vitse, November 2002.

"CO2 Corrosion Mechanistic Modeling in Horizontal Slug Flow" [PDF], Hongwei Wang, March 2002.

"Prediction of the flow regime transitions in high pressure large diameter inclined multiphase pipelines" [PDF], Robert Joseph Wilkens, June 1997.