ICMT Facilities + Instrumentation

Glass Machinery

For the investigation of internal CO2 corrosion of mild steel oil and gas pipelines, our $5 million lab facility features the unique capacity to generate a variety of flow regimes to simulate complex corrosion environments seen in real pipelines.

The Institute houses multiple research testing facilities, including nine large-scale, 10.1 cm (4-inch) I.D., multiphase flow loops that are capable of various temperature ranges, pressure ranges, and flow control of multiphase mixtures. A small-scale lab with multiple 2-liter glass cells is used to closely research individual parameters’ effects on corrosion. These tests are completed through defined research projects that define and develop mathematical models to be tested and used in large scale experiments.

This invaluable capability draws the world’s leading oil, gas and chemical companies to our researchers’ vast expertise in prediction and prevention of corrosion. Our work helps reduce corrosion in their supply networks and ultimately helps protect the environment and our global energy supply.