Land Surveying License

Land Surveying License

This Land Surveying program, which has been approved by the State of Ohio Engineers and Surveyors Board, constitutes the first step toward becoming a board-certified professional land surveyor.  The program requires a minimum of 22 hours of course work, which breaks down to 18 hours of CE courses and 4 hours of an outside course.  Students can complete their BS degree in CE and meet the land surveying requirements with careful selection of their electives and one extra class.

Required CE courses:

CE 2100 Elements of Land Surveying
CE 3110 Route Engineering
CE 4000 Societal Concerns in Civil Engineering
CE 4100 Applied Boundary Surveying
CE 4110 Principles in Boundary Location
CE 4150 Geodetic Surveying
CE 4910 Senior Capstone Design: Land Development

Required GIS course:

GEOG 4730 Principles of Geographical Information Systems


CE 4900 GIS Applications in Civil Engineering