M.S. Program

Master the principles of civil and environmental engineering. Earn your M.S. in Civil Engineering.

Our master’s degree program in civil engineering with an emphasis on environmental engineering prepares you for work or further research in the areas of construction engineering and management, environmental, geotechnical, geoenvironmental, mechanics, structures, transportation and water resources. You’ll choose either a thesis option or non-thesis special investigation based on a written research proposal you’ll prepare in your first semester.

Program Requirements

  • No more than six years can be taken to complete requirements for the master's degree
  • The submission of GRE test scores is optional
  • Students select either thesis or non-thesis options
    • Thesis option degree requirements - Minimum of 26 hours of graduate level courses plus 6 hours of research/thesis
    • Non-thesis degree option - Minimum of 29 credit hours of graduate level courses plus 3 credit hours of special investigation/project. A written report on the special investigation/project, and an oral examination on graduate course work and the special investigation/project are required.

Course Offerings

More information about the academic courses offered in our program can be found by searching the University Registrar's online Course Catalog.