About Our Research

Our faculty are experts in pavement studies, landfill components and hydraulics, noise abatement, acid mine runoff abatement, soil structure interaction, and erosion and sediment control, supporting the Russ College’s national reputation for excellence in civil engineering research. Our researchers hold the lead university position on the Ohio Strategic Highway Research Program Specific Pavement Studies Test Road based on their extensive instrumentation experience with concrete and asphalt highways.

Our Research Unit


    Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment

    Preserving and improving transportation infrastructure presents a major challenge and a unique opportunity for civil engineers to improve the health, safety, cost-effectiveness, and longevity of these systems and share our knowledge with stakeholders. With multidisciplinary expertise in transportation infrastructure and environmental engineering, plus an array of cutting-edge facilities and laboratory resources, researchers at ORITE are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to infrastructure challenges and mitigating its environmental effects.

More about Civil Engineering Research

Sponsored Research

In addition to projects with the Federal Highway Administration and the Ohio Department of Transportation, our faculty members perform research supported by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the private sector. These research programs provide opportunities for undergraduates to gain work experience on campus and serve as a basis for graduate research topics.