Undergraduate Programs

Students working on undergrad project with copper piping.

As an undergraduate student in civil engineering with an emphasis in environmental engineering, you’ll develop the technical skills you need to improve our world while learning to problem-solve and effectively communicate results to others. Through a combination of required design courses and beyond the classroom learning experiences, you’ll learn how to work productively in multidisciplinary teams and understand the implications of the systems and structures you’ll design.

Explore principles of civil and environmental engineering. Earn your B.S. in Civil Engineering.

Beginning with fundamental science and mathematics courses, our undergraduate courses in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering incorporates engineering science and design opportunities to create an enriching learning experience. Integrated coursework, design experiences, and lab research will give you a hands-on understanding of the principles you study in the classroom. Beginning freshman year and culminating in a capstone senior design course, our curriculum emphasizes the design experience and its ethical, social, economic, and safety issues while incorporating technical, team problem-solving and communication skills. You’ll learn to think logically and critically, applying your technical knowledge to the design and synthesis of complex civil and environmental engineering projects.

Want to major in civil engineering and begin building your future in environmental and civil engineering? You’ll benefit from declaring your major freshman year, when the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering curriculum begins to differ from other engineering programs. Due to scheduling of required courses, delaying your choice of major may delay your graduation as well.

Program Information

For more information on specific course requirements, please see this flowchart of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering undergraduate curriculum.

Construction Management Certificate

A certificate program is available for those who wish to become specialized in the area of construction management.

Certificate Curriculum

Another optional program is available for those who want to earn a land surveying license.

The Russ College Office of Professional Experiences can connect you with co-op and internship opportunities to develop your technical expertise while earning an income and still in school.

For more info, contact the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at 740.593.1465.