Our Programs


    Undergraduate Civil Engineering

    Want to major in civil engineering and begin building your future? You’ll benefit from declaring your major freshman year, when the civil engineering curriculum begins to differ from other engineering programs.


    Graduate Civil Engineering

    Graduate-level study in civil engineering prepares you to explore more closely the challenges of building infrastructure and systems for the future.

Our traditional civil engineering curriculum will build on a strong foundation of math and science while allowing you to specialize in an area of interest to you, such as environmental, structural, geotechnical, transportation, or water resources engineering.

Our programs combine this specialized knowledge with the cross-disciplinary understanding required to effectively collaborate and communicate highly technical ideas. Some research specialties our faculty study include asphalt sensor technology to better maintain highway systems and cleaning up coal mine seepage to turn its toxins into high-quality artists’ paint, and they do it with the support of undergraduate and graduate student researchers. Whether you want to develop the next generation of durable highways or build safer bridges, a Russ College civil engineering degree program helps you develop the technical strengths and leadership ability you’ll need to achieve your goals.