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Young Leader Empowerment Series

Taylor Linzinmeir headshot

Welcome to the first ever online Young Leader Empowerment Series! I’ll be your host, Taylor Linzinmeir. I am a third-year student at Ohio University and a Women’s Center staff member. I’m so excited to help mentor you all on your journey through middle school and beyond.

Why Virtual?

The Women’s Center was inspired by COVID-19 to think creatively about how we can still support the amazing young leaders that we have worked with the last few years through the Young Women Leaders Program, and how we could support new young leaders as well! This website will now house a virtual component of the Young Leader Empowerment Series that can be used by you at any time! I will be posting modules covering a range of topics, from body image to healthy relationships, here on this website. The amazing thing about this online component as well is that you can work through these modules with other people in your life. Gather (virtually, of course) friends, family, neighbors, and/or your COVID-19 pod, and explore these important topics in a fun, exciting, new, hands-on learning kind of way!

What Can I Expect?

Stay tuned as each month we’ll release a new module. You can visit this page to complete the modules in the comfort of your own home, revisit your favorites, or share them with someone else. Click the title of the lesson and a drop-down page will appear full of resources, videos, and an activity to do. We'll also let you know the "learning outcomes" for each module - meaning what we hope you gain from participating in each module (other than fun and improved confidence). Now, without further ado, let’s get started!


Contact MaryKathyrine Tran, Assistant Director of the Women's Center, at tranm@ohio.edu or by calling 740-593-9625.