She Leads Ohio

Spotlight on She Leads OHIO Alumnae


Morgan Wisehart

This program helped me develop strategies for a more successful future after I graduate from Ohio University. All of the programs have [...] inspired me to be more involved in public service, given me perspective through a gendered lens, and allowed me to have a unique experience that has positively impacted my life and the direction of my career.


Jessie Robinson

Through She Leads Ohio, I have gained confidence and communication skills to stand up for myself and others. Whether it is in my job, my classes, or social life, I have taken a stand and embraced my identity as a woman in engineering.


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She Leads OHIO is a professional development and leadership program, which takes into consideration the particular hurdles that women face in the workforce. Students who complete all aspects of She Leads OHIO will receive a certificate of completion after completing this form. You can also apply to complete our mentorship track with She Leads OHIO by applying to participate in our Women's Mentoring Program. To find out when Women's Center programs that count towards She Leads OHIO are scheduled, please visit the calendar page of our website.


Women have made major strides towards equality in the workplace, yet women still face: lack of access to mentorship, a salary gaps, harassment, and under appreciated leadership styles. Women’s opportunities are not just shaped by gender stereotypes, but are also influenced by unconscious bias, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, nationality, dis/ability, etc.

Whether you identify as female or not, we encourage you to complete She Leads OHIO. These issues don’t just affect women. They impact the lives of all of us – as friends, family members, colleagues and supervisors. In order for gender equity to occur, each and every one of us must be involved in understanding and addressing gender inequality.

Required Women's Center Programs

The following are required components of She Leads OHIO, and will also be marked on advertising with the She Leads OHIO logo:

  1. Running Start's Elect Her OR The Women in Graduate School Day Conference. Elect Her is offered annually in the fall semester; this 4.5-hour training covers skills such as how to mobilize a constituency, how to craft a message, and how to speak confidently and present oneself as a candidate. Through Elect Her, we encourage women to run for student government; however, this program delves into transferable skills that can be used in any professional situation. The Women in Graduate School Day Conference is offered once a year in the Spring semester and is an all-day conference that focuses on personal and professional development for those interested in graduate school or currently in graduate school. Participants are required to attend the full program of either in order to count towards completion of She Leads OHIO.
  2. Start Smart, an AAUW licensed two-hour workshop assists participants in initial salary negotiation, and is offered regularly through the Women's Center with the support of the Career Network and the Graduate College.
  3. Stay out of your own way: How gender stereotypes threaten our success (Introductory) OR Lifting Women Up: Cultivating Influence to Achieve Your Goals (Intermediate). Stay Out of Your Own Way is a one-hour workshop that will help participants examine the language that they use to communicate their confidence level. We will highlight the ways in which women have traditionally been socialized to undersell their skills, and develop new ways of speaking about ourselves. Lifting Women Up is a 1.5 hour workshop that will help participants articulate the internal and external barriers, including sexism and other intersecting forms of oppression, that hold us back from achieving our goals. We'll develop strategies to enable us to identify our personal board of directors, cultivate allies, and develop influence.
  4. Intercultural knowledge programming. An important aspect of professional development is understanding how to work within, appreciate, and respect a variety of differences. Programs that count towards this component of She Leads OHIO will be marked with the She Leads OHIO logo in advertising and will address issues of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, nationality, dis/ability, and/or economic standing.

Required Career Achievement Network Programs

The Women's Center strongly encourages that She Leads OHIO participants take advantage of all Career & Leadership Development Center programming. She Leads OHIO participants are required to complete the following:

  1. Cover letter review.
  2. A mock interview. Mock interviews offer the opportunity to practice for an internship or job interview by learning to express skills and qualifications to employers.

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