Love Yourself Week

Join the Women's Center for our annual "Love Yourself Week". "Love Yourself Week" events promote self-esteem, confidence building, professional development, and celebrate the successes of women.


November 1 - November 7

Join us as we celebrate Ohio University's Annual Love Yourself Week! Love Yourself Week is brought to you by: Women's Center, LGBT Center, Center for Entrepreneurship, Ohio University Entrepreneurs, University Well-Being and Recreation, BSCPB, Counseling and Psychological Services, the Multicultural Center, the Women's Affairs Commission of Student Senate, the Survivor Advocacy Program, Sorority and Fraternity Life, and Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Join us throughout the week online using the #OHIOBobcatLove. Each participating organization on campus will be posting why Love Yourself Week is important on Twitter, and will also provide affirmations to our fellow Bobcats.

How to Participate | Day-by-Day Schedule | Learn More | Disclaimer | Additional Opportunities

How to Participate

  • Follow #OHIOBobcatLove on Instagram and Twitter. You can do this by typing the hashtag into the search bar. As people post on social media, these searches will populate with more pictures, videos and links.

  • Find sponsoring organizations on Instagram and Twitter to see the content that they post. You can find them by inserting the following into the search bar, or click on the hyperlink to take you to their pages. Here are some folk that you can follow:

Day-by-Day Schedule

Four students pose with "I am" cards showing: "I am loving"; "I am compassionate"; "I am powerful"; "I am creative"
I am committed to practicing active allyship, Love Yourself Week 2020
I am passionate, Love Yourself Week 2020
I am creative, Love Yourself Week 2020

Monday, November 1: EmpowerParty – Love Yourself through Building Community  

Join us from 3-5PM in the CoLab (located in Alden 301).

We'll gather together to build community by meeting new friends, sharing messages about resilience and personal strength, and taking photographs documenting our love of oneself throughout our Bobcat years! There will be exciting activities, including window and mirror chalking of affirmations, and a goodie bag of self-care activities.

Social Media Daily Challenge

Use these Twitter headers [OHIO login required] on November 1 to announce your I Am statement, or create your own. We encourage you to think about how "I Am" can represent you and your amazing-ness, beyond physical appearance. Consider... "I Am Brilliant!"; "I Am Confident!"; "I Am Brave!"

Tuesday, November 2: Love Yourself through Movement: A Self-Appreciation Yoga Workshop

Join us from 3:30PM-4:30PM in Ping, Studio 219! Registration is open.

Join University Well-Being and Recreation for self-appreciation activities, followed by yoga which will be open to individuals of all physical activity levels and body types! In response to COVID-19 protocols, you are encouraged to bring your own yoga mat. Registration opens October 1, 2021.

Social Media Daily Challenge

Post three self-affirmations about yourself. We encourage you to think beyond physical appearance and to consider affirmations that speak to who you are as a person. For example: (1) I am confident; (2) I am peace; (3) I am loved. Another example: (1) I deserve to take up space; (2) I am a person who cares deeply about my friends and family; (3) "I am a goddess, a glorious female warrior queen of all that I survey. Enemies of fairness & equality hear my womanly roar" (Leslie Knope).


Wednesday, November 3: Sahra Nguyen, "Know Your Why: Carving your own lane & building a business with cultural integrity"

Sahra Nguyen holding coffee.
Sahra Nguyen, founder and CEO of Nguyen Coffee Supply.

Join us virtually at 6PM. Register online.

In this talk, Founder & CEO of Nguyen Coffee Supply, Sahra Nguyen, will share her journey of bootstrapping her Direct-To-Consumer coffee startup, transforming the industry through diversity and how building a mission-driven company led her to gracing the cover of Food & Wine. 

Sahra Nguyen is the founder & CEO of Nguyen Coffee Supply -- the first specialty Vietnamese coffee company importing directly from the source and roasting in Brooklyn, New York. On a mission to transform the coffee industry through diversity, inclusion, and sustainability, Nguyen Coffee Supply has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, VICE, New York Magazine, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, and honored with the 2019 StarChefs Rising Star Award. Early January 2020, Imbibe Magazine featured Sahra Nguyen as one of the #Imbibe75 -- people, places, and directions that will shape the way you drink in 2020. She is a Gold House Collective Founder for Spring 2020 cohort, a leading network to celebrate and elevate the Asian American community. In 2021, Nguyen graced the July cover of Food & Wine as one of their 25 Game Changers.

Social Media Daily Challenge

Do an act of kindness and share it to inspire others. We ask that you anonymize anyone impacted by your act of kindness to protect their privacy. For example: "I purchased someone else's lunch order." Another example: "While driving, I stop and let someone else before me if they are having trouble getting out of a parking spot, etc."

Thursday, November 4: Affirmation & Confidence Jars and a Featured Speaker, Dr. Yvonne Kangong, MD, MPH, CCFP!

Join our co-sponsoring offices at the times and places listed below to create affirmation jars by contributing compliments and self-affirmations.

  • The Women's Center will host an Affirmation & Confidence Jar making session from 11AM-1PM in Baker 403. Supplies will be provided for the first 20 attendees for their own Affirmation & Confidence jar. Participants can also help to create the Women's Center's Affirmation Jar for all visitors to the office. 
  • Well-Being Coaches will host an Affirmation Jar table from 5PM – 7PM in the front of Ping Recreation Center.
  • Housing and Residence Life are providing the first 50 people at Marti and Stewie's with an Affirmation & Confidence Jar starter pack, so that you can make your very own! Attend Marti and Stewie's on November 4, 7:30PM to 9:45PM, in Baker Center (1st Floor, just outside of West 82). The activity at Marti and Stewie's for the night of October 28 will also be Love Yourself Week themed! To participate, you must arrive by 8:45PM.

"10 S's to a Healthier You" with Dr. Yvonne Kangong, 6-7PM, Virtual (Zoom)

Register here.

Yvonne Kangong headshot
Dr. Yvonne Kangong, MD, MPH, CCFP

Dr. Yvonne Kangong, MD, MPH, CCFP, holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from Lakehead University

Thunderbay Ontario and practices Family and Obesity Medicine in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and a clinical lecturer with the Cummings School of Medicine, University of Calgary. She received the honorary award for teaching excellence with the Cummings school of Medicine University of Calgary Class of 2019.

She is the founder of Breakers Health, a medical consultancy weight management and public speaking company. She holds a culinary coaching certificate from the Harvard CHEF program. She is the Associate Medical director of the Mosaic Primary Care Network which brings family doctors and other allied health care professionals such as nurses, mental health therapists, dietitians, and more together to provide health care in the quadrant of the city they serve. She is the co-founder of Diabetic Meal Dispensary, a charitable organization that provides subsidized meals and artificial intelligence technology to low income individuals with diabetes, obesity, and mental health to optimize their care.

She is a co-author of the book ‘The Warrior Women Project', an anthology of immigrant women that shares the stories of 22 immigrant women and soon to be released author of ‘What’s Weight Got To Do With It’s? Where she highlights her journey to self love and acceptance which lead to positive changes in her life and overall health.

She loves empowering people and volunteering, was in Haiti in 2015 for a medical mission, and very active in her community.

Social Media Daily Challenge

Write yourself a love note and post it! For example:

Dear Me,

You are a thoughtful and loving person that deserves good things. You positively impact the people you encounter with your caring personality. I admire your honesty. Love, Me

Friday, November 5: ACE Women's Network Ohio Conference

NEDA walk participants join a dance party during the walk.

Ohio University is proud to host the annual ACE Women's Network Ohio Conference. Join us virtually for this event, focused on personal and professional development, and empowering women in higher education. Registration is required, and includes a fee of $25, and a small service fee. 

Social Media Daily Challenge

Write a statement proclaiming what you deserve from friends and relationships. For example: "I deserve to have my thoughts and feelings heard and respected by those with whom I have relationships."

November 7: NEDA Walk

Join the virtual National Eating Disorders Association Walk

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The views reflected in the posts by others using #OHIOBobcatLove or other Love Yourself Week posts, or otherwise in connection to the community sharing of content for this event, may not reflect the views of the organizers or of Ohio University. Everyone is welcome to participate from their own viewpoints and perspectives.

Copyright: As you share, please be mindful of copyright materials. For whatever you share that you don't have ownership of, you should check to see if the material is in public domain. Cornell University has a helpful table in determining what material is in public domain. Ohio University also has this helpful website on fair use of imagery.

Risks of Sharing: Sharing online has risks, including (but not limited to) online bullying, permanence by way of screenshots and retweeting, and other responses that we can't predict. While you can report bullying or trolling behavior(opens in a new window) through Twitter, there are reports(opens in a new window) that Twitter does not act quickly enough to respond to these issues. As such, please consider that we have events like this because in many ways we still exist within a culture in which people face racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and other forms of oppression. Therefore, responses to our event may not always be positive and we may face backlash. 

Additional Opportunities

Counseling and Psychological Services is in the process of recruiting students to be peer educators for the Body Project. The BodyProject is a dissonance-based body-acceptance program designed to help college-age women resist cultural pressures to conform to the appearance ideal standard of female beauty and reduce their pursuit of unrealistic bodies. The Body Project is supported by more research than any other body image program and has been found to reduce onset of eating disorders. You may want to watch the Body Project movie. This is an exciting resource to make a positive impact on Ohio University’s campus. For more information, download this word document.