Ohio University

Love Yourself Week

Join the Women's Center for our annual "Love Yourself Week". "Love Yourself Week" events promote self-esteem, confidence building, professional development, and celebrate the successes of women.




October 14, 10AM-2PM, Baker 3rd Floor Atrium

Love Yourself Week Kick-Off

Join us as we hand out the zines made in our "This is What a Craftivist Looks Like: Zine Workshop" and take photos for our social media campaign "My Every Day Superpower Is..."

You can join us for "This is What a Craftivist Looks Like: Zine Workshop" on September 10, from 3-5PM, in Baker 240/242. We'll be making zines on bystander intervention, fat activism, coming out, and more! The zines will be made with support from the Women's Center, the LGBT Center, the Multicultural Center, and Health Promotion.

Social Media Campaign

The day's topic is "My Everyday Superpower Is..." Whether you are an amazing cook, listener, leader, networker, or are brave, we want to hear it! Use #OHIOlyw on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation!

October 15, 5-7PM, Baker 219

(Un)Doing Gender: A Collaborative Art Workshop with the LGBT Center and Women’s Center  

Sponsored by the Women's Center and the LGBT Center.

Join us for an evening of exploring how one may engage in doing, redoing, and undoing gender! This event: examines how we live and embody our gender(s); investigates the social and political implications of gender norms and binaries; and, brainstorms ways to learn more about ourselves and others through reflection, introspection, and sharing. Participants of this art workshop will create their own interpretations to contribute to a larger piece that may be included in the International Women's Art Installation (April 2020). “(Un)Doing Gender” is an opportunity to think deeply and creatively about what gender means to us and others. By engaging in in this workshop, we hope participants leave with a positive sense of community and self - which is a core part of Love Yourself Week!

Please bring your own smart phone or digital camera. There will be a few that can be borrowed on a first come, first serve basis.

Social Media Campaign

The day's topic is "My Biggest Ally on Campus Is..." Take a photo with (or tag!) your biggest ally, mentor, friend, or the place that makes you feel your best. Use #OHIOlyw on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation!

October 16, Noon-1PM, Baker 230

You Earned It, Now Claim It: A workshop to teach and empower individuals to self-nominate for awards and more!

Join the Women's Center, Career and Leadership Development Center, and the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards to discuss the importance of putting oneself forward for awards. In this workshop, we will consider how you can align your values with potential awards and opportunities, evaluate the language that one uses in putting themselves forward for an award and/or asking others to nominate them, address barriers to self-nomination, and provide tips for finding opportunities.

Social Media Campaign

The day's topic is "My Greatest Achievement Is..." Tell us what you are proud of having achieved or take a picture that represents your achievement! Use #OHIOlyw on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation!

October 17, 6PM, Baker Theater

Keynote: The Body Reclaimed with Melissa-Irene Jackson

Melissa-Irene Jackson headshot with dark background.
Melissa-Irene Jackson. Photo credit to Shawnee Custalow.

Keynote sponsored by: Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine's Office of Inclusion, OhioHealth, the LGBT Center, the Women's Center, Campus Recreation, and the Student National Medical Association.

In 2003, something was very wrong, and Melissa-Irene Jackson could not figure out why she was so miserable, or why

she was developing such an unhealthy relationship with food. In ‘The Body Reclaimed,’ Melissa-Irene tells her story of confronting the reality of an eating disorder, her recovery from anorexia, and overcoming a lifetime of gender dysphoria to be her true self. This is not a story about illness, but a story of resilience and self-acceptance.

Melissa-Irene Jackson, MSW is a body image, eating disorder, and LGBT advocate with more than ten years of experience. Her work includes federal policy advocacy, sharing her own story of recovery, and a critical analysis of inclusion through scholarship, personal narrative, and spoken word. She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2018. In her program, her work focused on advocacy for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence through an internship at the YWCA of Richmond where she worked as a clinician. Currently, she works in direct services for LGBT health and provides case management support to an interdisciplinary team for primary care and sexual health. She is passionate about patient advocacy, addressing implicit biases in healthcare systems, and collaborating with clients to help them exercise bodily autonomy and self-determination. Prior to graduate school, she worked in research on the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Project investigating long-term outcomes from moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries. Melissa-Irene also has a background in Psychology, Religious Studies, and Gender Studies. In her spare time, she volunteers with LGBT youth and nonprofit fundraising.

Social Media Campaign

The day's topic is "I Walk Because...". Tell us why you are joining the NEDA Walk on Saturday. Use

I walk away from stigma and acceptance. #NEDAWALK

#OHIOlyw on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation!

October 18, 11AM-1PM, Baker Table (1st floor)

NEDA Walk Registration

If you have yet to register for the National Eating Disorder Awareness Walk, you can stop by the table to register and avoid the long lines on Saturday!

Social Media Campaign

The day's topic is "One way I will show compassion to myself today is..." Tell us how you plan to show compassion to yourself today. At the Women's Center, we are committed to owning our strengths and supporting those around us! Use #OHIOlyw on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation!

Saturday, October 19th, 2019

National Eating Disorder Association Walk

10:00AM Registration; 10:30AM Opening Ceremony
Nelson Commons' Main Reception Area (10 N McKinley Ave)

Register now for the walk: https://nedawalk.org/athens2019. Registration is free, but you can also donate and raise funds through the registration website. All funds go directly to the National Eating Disorder Association. For more information, visit our NEDA Walk website!

Social Media Campaign

The day's topic is the NEDA Walk! Take a photo of yourself at the NEDA Walk in Athens! Use #OHIOlyw on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation!