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Love Yourself Week

Join the Women's Center for our annual "Love Yourself Week". "Love Yourself Week" events promote self-esteem, confidence building, professional development, and celebrate the successes of women.


September 8 - September 11

Join us through Twitter and Instagram as we celebrate Ohio University's Annual Love Yourself Week! Love Yourself Week is brought to you by: the Women’s Center, BSCPB, Counseling and Psychological Services, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Health Promotion, Housing and Residence Life, LGBT Center, Multicultural Center, Well-Being & Recreation, and Survivor Advocacy Program. 

Join us throughout the week of September 8th for online social media engagement, using the #OHIOBobcatLove. Each participating organization on campus will be posting why Love Yourself Week is important on Twitter, and will also provide affirmations to our fellow Bobcats.

How to Participate | What to Post | Learn More | Disclaimer | Additional Opportunities

How to Participate

  • Follow #OHIOBobcatLove on Instagram and Twitter. You can do this by typing the hashtag into the search bar. As people post on social media, these searches will populate with more pictures, videos and links.

  • Find sponsoring organizations on Instagram and Twitter to see the content that they post. You can find them by inserting the following into the search bar, or click on the hyperlink to take you to their pages. Here are some folk that you can follow:

What to Post and the Day-by-Day Schedule!

Four students pose with "I am" cards showing: "I am loving"; "I am compassionate"; "I am powerful"; "I am creative"

September 8: I Am...

The theme is "I Am" and why Love Yourself Week is important! Use these Twitter headers [OHIO login required] on September 8th to announce your I Am statement, or create your own. We encourage you to think about how "I Am" can represent you and your amazing-ness, beyond physical appearance. Consider... "I Am Brilliant!"; "I Am Confident!"; "I Am Brave!"

I am committed to practicing active allyship, Love Yourself Week 2020
I am passionate, Love Yourself Week 2020
I am creative, Love Yourself Week 2020

Before the end of the day (by September 9th), we encourage you to create a 20 second or less video that may be shared during the event to be considered to be shown at the EmpowerParty!on September 10th! We're looking for you to share along four themes:

  • Love the Skin You're In (video experiences that represent love/empowerment for those who have historically been marginalized for the skin they are in - e.g. race, size).
  • Living Healthy (video experiences that represent positive experience of living healthy). Videos should focus on health and wellness from the perspective of self-care, and should not project on to others what healthy living should be. Videos posted as part of this event should be mindful to support health at every size (rather than saying a particular size/weight/body type is the definition of health). Videos should not include one's weight, weight loss, or specific mentions of diets.
  • Personal Pride (video experiences should focus on positive experiences of feeling proud - e.g. as it relates to the LGBTQ+ community).
  • Feeling Fabulous (video experiences should focus on self-affirmations, moments of success, or personal empowerment). Videos should not focus on physical appearance, but could focus on style.

Contribute your videos and make song suggestions for the EmpowerParty! online at: https://ohio.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0lbhUgYID8FJakd

How do you love yourself and feel fabulous?
How do you love the skin you're in?
How do you lvourself and show pride?
How do you love yourself and live healthy?

September 9: How-To

We'll be posting how-to videos, including instructions from the Women's Center about how-to make your own Affirmation Jar at home!

Carla, a fabulous Women's Center staff member, created this amazing how-to take a compliment video as an example of what you can make for Love Yourself Week!

September 10: EmpowerParty!

NEDA walk participants join a dance party during the walk.

BSCPB is sponsoring a Love Yourself Week Ball and Dance - the EmpowerParty! on September 10th at 8PM to celebrate #OHIOBobcatLove with songs contributed by our OHIO community that help people feel good about themselves. We’ll also be featuring videos and opportunities to express affirmations throughout the event! To attend the EmpowerParty! on Zoom, click this link: https://tinyurl.com/LoveYourselfWeekDance

September 11: Community Engagement

Show us how you support your community and are an ally to others!

Recommended Reading and Viewing!


The views reflected in the posts by others using #OHIOBobcatLove or other Love Yourself Week posts, or otherwise in connection to the community sharing of content for this event, may not reflect the views of the organizers or of Ohio University. Everyone is welcome to participate from their own viewpoints and perspectives.

Copyright: As you share, please be mindful of copyright materials. For whatever you share that you don't have ownership of, you should check to see if the material is in public domain. Cornell University has a helpful table in determining what material is in public domain. Ohio University also has this helpful website on fair use of imagery.

Risks of Sharing: Sharing online has risks, including (but not limited to) online bullying, permanence by way of screenshots and retweeting, and other responses that we can't predict. While you can report bullying or trolling behavior(opens in a new window) through Twitter, there are reports(opens in a new window) that Twitter does not act quickly enough to respond to these issues. As such, please consider that we have events like this because in many ways we still exist within a culture in which people face racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and other forms of oppression. Therefore, responses to our event may not always be positive and we may face backlash. 

Additional Opportunities

Counseling and Psychological Services is in the process of recruiting students to be peer educators for the Body Project. The BodyProject is a dissonance-based body-acceptance program designed to help college-age women resist cultural pressures to conform to the appearance ideal standard of female beauty and reduce their pursuit of unrealistic bodies. The Body Project is supported by more research than any other body image program and has been found to reduce onset of eating disorders. You may want to watch the Body Project movie. This is an exciting resource to make a positive impact on Ohio University’s campus. For more information, download this word document.