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What is LINKS?

LINKS is a year-long transition, enrichment, and support program, committed to attracting and retaining high achieving students from diverse backgrounds, to maximize their academic, leadership, and service potential. For over 30 years, the LINKS program has been the cornerstone of support and assistance for first-year multicultural students at Ohio University. 

LINKS helps first-year students navigate the college experience by focusing on issues of access, retention, and student success, while promoting the educational benefits of diversity and inclusion at Ohio University. 

What Is Involved In LINKS?

The LINKS program consists of:

  1. Pre-Matriculation
  2. Academic Year Enrichment


LINKS Pre-Matriculation is an intensive 2-day program that begins prior to the start of the fall semester. Pre-Matriculation allows students the opportunity to move into their assigned residence hall rooms, get to know their peers, familiarize themselves with the Ohio University campus; and engage in an assortment of academic, professional, social, and diversity-related enrichment activities, relating to successful adjustment and persistence in college. 

The overall goal of Pre-Matriculation is to give students early access to OMSAR support and campus resources that support successful transition from the first year to the second year of college. 

Academic Year Enrichment

The academic year enrichment involves academic support advising, peer mentoring, developmental workshops, and community service opportunities. 

Who Participates in LINKS?

All under-represented students are welcome to participate in the LINKS program during their first year at Ohio University. The LINKS program is required for participants in the following scholarship programs: 

  • Templeton Scholars 
  • Urban Scholars 
  • Appalachian Scholars 
  • Rankin Scholars 
  • OHIO Signature Promise Scholars 

All students who wish to participate in the LINKS program are required to sign up at OMSAR during Bobcat Student Orientation (BSO)

LINKS Peer Mentoring

Each student in the LINKS program is assigned a peer mentor who provides academic support and personal mentoring for the entire academic year.   

Who Are the Peer Mentors?

LINKS Peer Mentors are successful upper-class students who are actively engaged on campus and in the local community, and who are committed to the advancement of diversity and inclusion at Ohio University. Many Peer Mentors are former LINKS participants.

What Happens After LINKS?

OMSAR support continues well beyond the first year of enrollment. Our team works with students in years two, three, and four to develop a pathway for continued academic, personal, and professional success.