The Office of Multicultural Success and Retention (OMSAR) provides access to quality academic support, enriching social experiences, and a sense of community for multicultural student populations at Ohio University.


The Office of Multicultural Success and Retention (OMSAR) will serve as the leading resource for the Ohio University community on issues of retention and academic student success of multicultural students. OMSAR is committed to the support and empowerment of multicultural students and to help maximize their leadership potential through educational and community engagement and service opportunities. OMSAR academic and enrichment activities instill in students the importance of scholarly pursuits and the value of education, while promoting a sense of belonging on campus and in the community. OMSAR promotes the educational benefits of diversity, cultural competency, and the appreciation for difference.


The Office of Multicultural Success and Retention (OMSAR)assists in providing access to a quality academic and enriching social experience at Ohio University for minoritized student populations, while leading the institution's efforts to successfully retain and graduate them.

The services provided to students by the OMSAR Staff include:


LINKS OMSAR’s first-year transition and retention program. Learn more about the LINKS program here.
One-on-One Support                                        The OMSAR Team specializes in working one on one with students to help them craft a pathway for academic and personal success. If you would like to meet with a member of our team, please email us at diversity@ohio.edu

OMSAR Course Series

This four-course series rotates annually on topics of academic achievement, leadership, and community service. This course is open to all students at Ohio University and is required for students with the Templeton, Appalachian, Urban, and Rankin scholarship.

UC 2900 - Post-Baccalaureate Preparation Course During the fall term, junior or senior students may enroll in a class to help them prepare for their job search and/or graduate school application.
UC 2900 - LINKS Peer Mentor Seminar The LINKS Peer Mentor Seminar is designed to assist in OMSAR's efforts to enhance the retention, academic performance, and social experiences of first-year multicultural students, and serves as the central course for the training of LINKS Peer Mentors. The purpose of the seminar is to help students gain an understanding of LINKS, OMSAR's first year transition and support program, and develop an appreciation for the importance of peer mentors in relation to multicultural retention goals, academic achievement, leadership, diversity and inclusion.
UC 2900 - OHIO Men of Excellence Network Special Issues Course This INST 2900 Special Issues course presents an opportunity for participants in the OHIO Men of Excellence Network to plan and execute collegiate plans that meet student academic and professional goals. This course offers a customized path to academic enrichment, leadership, and planning, as well as the creation of a professional networking persona. Permission is required to participate in the class.

UC 2900 - First Year Special Issues Course 


This first year OMSAR INST 2900 Special Issues course is a synchronous course that provides an opportunity for OMSAR and Honors Tutorial College first year underrepresented scholars to engage in critical leadership discussions about antiracism, intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion through the use of assigned texts, media and contemporary issues, as well as plan and execute collegiate plans that meet the student academic, leadership, and professional goals of a Templeton, Rankin, Urban, Appalachian, or HTC scholar. This course is centered on student participation inside and outside the classroom and offers a discussion-based seminar and a customized path to academic enrichment, leadership, and planning as well as the creation of a professional networking persona. Various campus partners will present enrichment opportunities and resources to our class and engage in discussions regarding global and local community engagement.

Study Abroad with OMSAR

The OMSAR Staff annually directs multiple study abroad opportunities during the winter and spring break. Learn more about our programs below.


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Average Number of OMSAR Scholars 1200
Average Overall GPA of all Scholars 3.20
First Year Retention
  • 91% of OMSAR LINKS participants persist from the fall to spring term
  • 79% of OMSAR LINKS participants persist from year one to year two
Average Number of Service Hours Completed Annually 7,000+

OMSAR Student Expo Session

OMSAR sponsors a session at the annual Student Expo to highlight the research or creative activity OMSAR scholars are engaged with during their academic experience. The OMSAR sessions also highlight research pertaining to diversity and inclusion. Learn more about the Student Expo here