LGBT Awards and Support Funds

Stonewall Leadership Award

Named in honor of the 1969 riots in New York City, the Stonewall Leadership Awards recognize a student leader and a student organization who continue Stonewall’s legacy of demanding equality, dignity, and safety for all people. Through their work and advocacy, honorees embody Stonewall’s spirit of liberation.

Previous 10 years Stonewall Award Recipients:

  • 2018 - Joseph Metcalf and SHADES
  • 2016 - Morgan Kohls, Paige Klatt, and POWER/Gamma
  • 2015 - Nelly Herman and Camden Bailey
  • 2014 - Jesper Beckholt
  • 2013 - Ryan Vollrath
  • 2012 - Cory Frederick
  • 2011 - Amelia Shaw and Lacey Rogers

Tom and Jan Hodson Emergency Student
Support Fund

Established in 2013, this fund supports students experiencing acute financial hardship, such as challenges with rent and purchasing textbooks. This one-time assistance is endowed through donations and fundraising.

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