Ohio University

Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan


Based on the strategic goals developed with feedback from the campus community in 2019 following the inaugural Diversity Leadership Institute, the following are action steps that we propose as the first, in a series of steps, to moving our campus forward in combating systemic and structural racism. These steps are in addition to the current work of the Division of Diversity and Inclusion and the proposed initiatives will work to enhance all current diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts across campus. As many of you know diversity and inclusion efforts are an iterative process. As we move forward, we will adjust our action steps as necessary. For this process to be successful and sustainable, it will require everyone’s collective work, energy, and enthusiasm.

OHIO’s Inclusive Excellence Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Strategic Goals

  • Vision Statement

    Ohio University will be recognized as a national leader in our diversity and inclusion efforts defined by our innovative approaches to designing an inclusive curriculum and educational programming, enacting comprehensive recruitment and strategic communication strategies, supporting students, crafting campus-wide mentoring initiatives, and focusing on continuous assessment.

  • Mission Statement

    Ohio University is committed to diversity through inclusive practices, policies, curricula, and programs that lead to a welcoming, respectful, supportive, and affirming environment; especially for those who have been marginalized.

  • Values

    Compassion for all people, situations, backgrounds perspectives; Communication with transparent, respectful, and engaged dialogue; Collaboration to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment; Community connecting ideas and people across differences
  • Strategic Goals

    Recruit and retain a diverse campus community, Create a sense of belonging for all, Re-imagine teaching and learning with inclusivity as a core design principle, Build a sustained commitment to data collection, analysis, dissemination, and continuous improvement