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Diversity Opportunity Hire Fund

Ohio University strives to develop a climate that represents and embraces different cultures. This enhances the institution’s ability to provide its students with relevant experiences to successfully compete and achieve in an increasingly diverse and complex society. To bring about this climate, Ohio University provides support through the Diversity Opportunity Hire Fund to employ highly qualified individuals who make unique contributions to the University and its community. Such individuals specifically include those who bring a unique or different perspective because of their personal or professional backgrounds, interests or expertise, partners of current or prospective University faculty and staff who themselves have talents that match the needs of the organization, and those with national or international stature.

Ideally, Diversity Opportunity Hire funding is best situated for colleges and departments that do not have a funded faculty and/or administrative line but have identified a highly qualified individual who adds some measure of diversity in their college or department. The new position must fit within the area’s strategic plan for growth or to replace lost capacity. The Diversity Opportunity Hire funding serves as only a bridge to permanent funding; therefore, the hiring authority must be able to demonstrate how the position will be funded fully within two to three years.

Diversity Opportunity Hires are most often used to hire candidates for faculty positions. However, this hiring practice may also be used to fill administrative and staff positions. This fund is not specifically intended to support individuals in the Dual Career Network (DCN). However, positions are occasionally funded for spouses/partners as long as hiring is in line with the Diversity Opportunity Hire Policy. University Human Resources (UHR) maintains a Dual Career Network designed to help partners of new employees in networking and locating employment opportunities in the Athens area. If interested in the DCN opportunity, please visit UHR’s site at: Dual Career Network

Funding Guidelines

Diversity Opportunity Hire funds are available to phase in positions, which are eventually supported through college and/or departments’ base budgets. Financial support may be requested for one to three years. A common model over three years is to have the share of opportunity hire funding decrease as the base budget for the position increases. Exceptions to declining support can be made for less than three years of funding. The recommended declining support model is as follows:

Year one:        100% of funding

Year two:        75% of funding

Year three:      50% of funding

Funds may also be used to support a one-year position, such as a Teaching Fellow or a Visiting Professor, as long as the hire is in line with the Diversity Opportunity Hire Policy. If individuals supported through the Diversity Opportunity Hire fund leave the University or transfer to another position within the University, all future Diversity Opportunity funds committed will revert back to the funding pool.    

Criteria for Evaluating Funding Requests:
  • Rational statement from college or department as to how the position will fit within the area’s strategic plan for growth
  • Justification from college or department as to how the position will be funded fully within two to three years.
  • Qualifications of proposed applicant (resume or curriculum vita)
  • Letter of recommendation and support from the Dean or Department Head

Review Process

Once the request form and additional materials have been submitted through the Office for Diversity and Inclusion’s Diversity Opportunity Hire web page, materials will be submitted to the Diversity Opportunity Hire Committee. The Committee has two weeks to approve or deny request and respond to colleges or departments with a written explanation or decision. Request form must be filled out entirely with required materials attached. Any request without all required materials will not be considered for review.

Apply for the Diversity Opportunity Hire Fund

Diversity Opportunity Hire Fund Policy & Guidelines (PDF)