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Summer Institute for Diversity Education

diversity Leadership Ambassadors

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Our Mission

We share our stories in an effort to encourage our audience to feel empowered by their personal experiences, leading to a more inclusive environment at Ohio University.


Our Values

Cords Integrity : We strive to tell our own personal truths, through our experiences.

Inspiration :We hope to motivate others in an effort to spread multiculturalism, equity and soical justice.

Inclusivity : We envision Ohio University to uphold the same standards of diversity that our program does.

Dark Blue, Yellow, and Green symbolize each value of the program. Graduating Ambassadors wear correlating cords to represent their position as a Multicultural Leadership Ambassador.



The Ohio University Diversity Leadership Ambassador Program provides a unique opportunity for students to take an active role on campus by discussing their personal narratives in correlation with diversity related topics.

The Ambassadors work toward changing perspectives and breaking down stereotypes, while promoting the genuine celebration of differences and encouraging multicultural awareness across cultures and in everyday settings. Ambassadors are responsible for facilitating diverse conversations through presentations and open discussions in classrooms and at staff meetings and events throughout the academic year. Their presentations are free and available to the Athens and University communities. Ambassadors are some of our most involved students and become part of a close-knit, diverse, and vibrant group.

Presentation topics include immigration, understanding differing cultures and culture shocks, LGBT experiences, religion, allyship, physical, mental and emotional abuse, education, challenges facing minority groups, family dynamics, socioeconomic status, mental health, first generation college student experiences, and the challenges that come with growing up in a single parent household.


2017-2018 Ambassadors




Imani Evans*

Hometown: Wheeling, Illinois

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: African American Studies/Screenwriting

"I joined the DLA because I saw it as an opportunity to
create an open forum for people to share their stories and
ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking
in different settings."



Hyunjung (Chloe) Jeon

Hometown: South Korea

Major: War & Peace

"I became an ambassador because I value difference
and believe that understanding difference ultimately
empower us. We explore and express our thoughts, feeling,
and experiences on unique matters that not only gives us,
but others an opportunity to comprehend
ourselves better."

Lara Eksi

Hometown: Vincent, Ohio

Major: Business Administration

"Becoming a Diversity Ambassador gave me an opportunity
to talk about a part of me that I don’t get to share in
everyday conversation. It gave me an opportunity to not
only share a part of who I am, but also learn about a
part of others."

Maleyah McNeil

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Major: Integrated Language Arts

"I became an Ambassador because I wanted to let other
students know that despite their background they can
make it in life. I speak on socioeconomic status and
discrimination as a black woman."

Ky Cobb

Hometown: Conneaut, Ohio

Major: HTC Journalism

"I became an ambassador to expose people to different
kinds of gender identity and sexualities. I also wanted to be
an advocate for self-care and talk about different kinds of
remedies for issues such as depression or anxiety."



Dani Wasserman

Hometown: Athens, Ohio

Major: Integrated Media

"I strongly believe in the Ambassador program and the idea
that students on campus can approach us as their peers with
challenging conversations. I know that I personally find the
work to be very rewarding and have I learned so much in my
time as an Ambassador; about diversity, public speaking,
and community building. The main goal is always to help
others but it is nice that it has been a really valuable
experience to me personally as well."

Jaelyn Pounds

Hometown: South Euclid, Ohio

Major: Management Information Systems

"I wanted to be an Ambassador because I wanted to let
other people know that they are not alone. I want to help
break the stigma ofmental illness and help other black
women feel confortable in their own skin."

Taylor Dever

Hometown: Troy, Ohio

Major: Graphic Design

"I became an Ambassador because I beieve conversations
about diversity are important in order to grow and if I can
impact at least one person through my story, then I can
leave the presentations knowing that the world
is that much better."



Ceren Ozcan

Hometown: Izmir, Turkey

Major: Interior Architecture

"I decided to become a Diversity Leadership Ambassador to explore
a more the diverse culture within Ohio University. Being
a part of this group allows me to feel more comfortable
with myself and being able to share my story with
others and learn for their experiences as well."

Grace Kent

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major: International Studies with a focus in East Asian Studies

"I became an Ambassador to be able to share my personal
experiences involving education, mental health and being and
Asian American. I also hope to gain better understanding of
other diverse backgrounds and perspectives. I found this
program as a positive resource for the Ohio University community
by allowing the opportunity for discussion and questions
that involve diversity."

Graduate Students


Noorul (Noor) Tarakay

Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan

Major: Economics

"As a Fulbright Scholar program academic exchange
student, I am not only here to study but it's one of my main goals
to promote cultural exchange and foster mutual understanding
between my home country and the American people. After
my first semester, I found  the Multicultural Leadership
Ambassador program is the perfect platform to support me in
taking an active role in campus activities and to share
my story as an international student, which plays a role to reduce
the misconseptions about my country and me as an
international student."


(*) Indicates a Lead Ambassador. These students are recognized by their efforts to go above and beyond
expectations for the program. Their position is to act as student advisors to their peers and help guide
the program into something that stays true to the values of the Multicultural Leadership Ambassadors.

Program Support

Sydney and Alex

Sydney Harrell

Office Assistant, Senior

Hometown: Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Major: Applied Nutrition


Alex Penrose

Videographer/Social Media Assistant, Sophomore

Hometown: Norwalk, Ohio

Major: Integrated Media


Amanda Graham

Executive Assistant for Diversity and Inclusion

Hometown: Albany, Ohio




For questions about the Ambassadors or their presentations, please contact:
Amanda Graham at 740.593.2614, grahama4@ohio.edu
Sydney Harrell at sh910613@ohio.edu