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College Green at Ohio University
The College Tour at Ohio University

The College Tour

The College Tour at Ohio University

The College Tour is an immersive episode from Emmy-nominated producers that brings viewers into the heart of Ohio University from wherever they are in the world. Hosted by The Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan, The College Tour showcases life at OHIO through the lens of those who know it best, our students.

Meet Our Student Leaders

Athens: The Best Place on Earth

"You can do anything at OHIO! Take it from me, an engineering major, film and business minor with a job in professional development. And that's all in the past year; imagine what's possible in four!"

- Ian Lisle, Class of 2025

Bobcat Life on Campus

"OHIO's unique approach to the residential experience allows for students to see and live alongside people with common interests and goals.” 

- Joi Foy, Class of 2026  

Experience is Everything

"My favorite part about Ohio University is the size and ability to get involved on campus. Bobcats help Bobcats isn't just something that we say, the faculty at Ohio University understand your goals and will support you until you achieve them!" 

- Kasey DeWalt, Class of 2022  

Everything is Experience

"One thing that stuck out to me during my orientation was the idea of a Bobcat family. The faculty make intentional connections with the students here, we're not just numbers.” 

- Sallu Timbo, Class of 2022 

Forever Prepared

"The amazing opportunities at OHIO allow me to discover my passion and refine my skills, making me the person I am today. That's exactly what O.U. does; they help you find your path and guide you through it!”  

- Sarah Ladipo, Class of 2023 

Invested in Student Success

"My student organizations here are my lifeline! I'm a sociology and economics major who loves singing and dogs, and OHIO has organizations that allow me to be involved in all of those things while still building professional skills." 

- Sydney Sears, Class of 2023 

Honors and Scholars at OHIO

"During my college search, I hoped to find a university which placed as much emphasis on personal development as it does on technical skills and academic rigor. With Ohio University's many honors and scholars programs, it has been easy to find resources which do exactly that!” 

- Isabel Alvarez, Class of 2025 

Deeply Rooted in the Community

"I've been working with the Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau in events and marketing, giving me a hands-on opportunity to use and expand my skills. The most exciting part has been planning local events like the Taste of Athens County Food Festival, something I never thought I'd be doing as a student.”  

- Ella Shroll, Class of 2022 

OHIO Thinks Bigger About Health and Sustainability

"Ohio University is a leader in conservation and sustainability efforts, locally with our amazing climate sustainability ambassadors program, as well as globally through collaborative research programs!" 

- Andrew Connolly, Class of 2022

Stand Up and Cheer 

"Music has always been the center point of my life, so I knew I wanted to pursue a career teaching music in public schools. Ohio University's School of Music stood out to me as the best place for me to become an excellent music educator!” 

- Ryan Bunyard, Class of 2025

Dorm Tours

Join current Ohio University students as they show you around their rooms. Explore different greens, buildings and room types as you get to know OHIO.

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