Graduate Nursing FAQ

Where do I send my official transcripts?

Official transcripts can be mailed to:

Graduate College 
Research and Technology Center 220 
1 Ohio University 
Athens, OH 45701

Ohio University does not accept transcripts that have been issued to students, faxed transcripts or transcripts that have been opened prior to Ohio University receiving them. Please contact the appropriate institution and request that they send your official transcript to the above address. If you take courses at another University during your time as an Ohio University student, be sure to send updated transcripts to the correct address above.

How do I apply for financial aid?

You’ll need to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be eligible for aid. You may access the FAFSA online by visiting the FAFSA website. You’ll need to include our federal school code, which is 003100, on your application. This will ensure your information is sent directly to our financial aid office. Once you have been admitted to the University, our financial aid staff will be able to view your FAFSA information and begin calculating your aid. Once the award letter detailing your aid is available, you will receive an email sent to your Ohio University email account.

What is my PID and OHIO ID, and where can I find them?

Your PID (the letter P followed by nine numerals) is sent to the email address you provided on your application to Ohio University. Your OHIO ID is the first letter of your first and last names followed by six numerals. As soon as you receive your application acknowledgement letter, you can activate your OHIO ID. You will need your PID (sent in the application acknowledgement letter) and your birth date to activate your OHIO ID. As part of this process, you will be required to create a password. Visit to activate your OHIO ID. Both your OHIO ID and your PID also can be found on your DARS report. Always have your PID handy when calling or emailing Ohio University staff, as this is the number we need to look up your student records.

What is the difference between my PID and my OHIO ID?

Your PID (the letter P followed by nine numerals) is a confidential student ID number assigned to you. It is not released publicly. It allows us to verify your student identity, similar to your SSN. This is the number we need to look up your records. Your OHIO ID is part of your student email address and is directory information. Since this is a public number, we cannot verify your identity with the OHIO ID. That is why we will always ask for your confidential PID number.

How do I register for a class?

Your School of Nursing advisor will assist you with registration each semester. If you wish to make any changes to your course schedule, please consult with your School of Nursing advisor.

I already have an email account. Why do I need to use my OHIO student email account?

Most important student notices are sent exclusively by email. It is quite common for students who forward their OHIO student email to their personal accounts to lose vital information in junk or spam folders. As an Ohio University student, you are responsible for checking your OHIO student account regularly! Also, the university is required to correspond with students exclusively through their OHIO student email accounts.

We strongly recommend you turn off forwarding to your personal email account. If you have trouble or questions about OHIO Catmail, contact the help desk at 740.593.1222 or

Additional Questions

If your question wasn't answered in the above FAQ section, please contact your academic advisor or the School or Nursing for further assistance. View contact information here.