eCampus BSIHS Advising

This website is for students who are enrolled in the eCampus BSIHS program with all of their classes through the OHIO online eCampus.

If you are completing the BSIHS and taking some of your classes at the Athens Campus or one of our regional campuses, please visit the program page for more information on Athens academic advising

eCampus BSIHS Advising

eCampus students have dedicated advisors available to help them as they complete the BSIHS. You have an Academic Advisor and an eCampus Advisor. You can find your advisor's information in your My Ohio Student Center.

Your Academic Advisor is available to assist you with; understanding your DARS report, class selection and registration, creating a degree completion plan, answering questions about university policy or serving as a connection to other support services. If you are in the Pre-IHS major, it is particularly important to meet with your advisor regularly to ensure you are on-track to be admitted into the major.

Your eCampus Advisor is available to assist you with support function question such as course registration, placement tests or navigating the Student Center. Your eCampus advisor will not be able to tell you which classes to take, but can assist you with registration. Information about eCampus Advising is available here,

To learn more about advising, contact us at:

Department of Interdisciplinary Health Studies
College of Health Sciences and Professions
1 Ohio University Drive
Grover Center W182
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.4502

Additional Advising Resources

DARS Instruction Video: In this 10 minute video Chelsea explains how to read your DARS report as though you are meeting in person. The DARS report can be overwhelming, so this is a great resource to help you understand your degree requirements. 

eCampus Course Registration Video: This 4 minute video shows you how to register for online courses using eCampus course offerings. This will ensure that you are billed the special eCampus tuition rate. 

New Student Welcome Packet: In this Welcome Packet you will find the contact information of all the people who are here to support you throughout your journey. It also includes very important information about the program and is a great reference when questions arise. We suggest printing this entire packet and keeping it somewhere easily accessible. 

Online Learning Tips for Online Classes: Many of the core courses in the BSIHS are online. Online classes require as much or more discipline and time management than on-campus classes. Check out this video for some ways to ensure you are starting online classes with the right success strategies.

Online Tutoring for eCampus Students: Through eCampus students have access to free 24/7 online tutoring. You can use this website to access a tutor or find out more about online tutoring.