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Interdisciplinary Health Studies

Interdisciplinary Health Studies

Department of Interdisciplinary Health Studies

Department of Interdisciplinary Health Studies

Welcome to the Ohio University Department of Interdisciplinary Health Studies, where educational experiences have interdisciplinary connections. Our programs offer opportunities in the classroom, at the worksite and within the field to gain a broad perspective of multiple health disciplines. All of our degree and certificate programs are developed to assist students in understanding healthcare from an integrative viewpoint. From a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Healthcare Studies to healthcare leadership courses and certificates, we offer health-minded students an opportunity to broaden their horizons and gain new skills.

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Allied health workers can join a variety of professions within the healthcare and medical fields.

Five versatile jobs available now (and nationwide) for allied health professionals

It’s a great time to work as an allied health professional. Not only do they represent nearly 60 percent of the overall workforce in healthcare – they are also some of the most in-demand medically trained professionals in today’s healthcare industry. 

Allied health professionals can lead from a wide variety of job titles and positions; in fact, the profession is home to some of the fastest growing occupations in the nation.

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