OHIO Online Courses and Registration

Keep in mind:

  • You must be a current Ohio University student to register. If you are a re-enrolling student who wants to return at the same academic level, please see the Re-enrolling students information on the Registrar’s page and complete the re-enrollment form.

Know What Courses You Need

The first step in preparing your schedule is to refresh your DARS. You may do this through your student center on the bottom right where it says My DARS. Next, download the DARS as a PDF. Some links to examples of DARS videos are below.

Preparing to Register

Priority Registration Holds

Undergraduate students will have a priority registration hold placed on their account before fall and spring registrations can begin (there is no priority registration hold for summer semester). Students must consult with their academic advisor before the registration hold can be lifted.

Priority Registration Time

Students will be assigned a priority registration date and time by the Office of the Registrar for fall and spring semesters (not summer). This is the first opportunity that a student has to register for courses. Students may find this date and time in their student center.

Textbooks and Materials

Most Ohio University courses require textbooks and/or other materials. In order to find out whether your instructors have required textbooks, search for the course in the course offerings and click on the title of the course. Scroll down to the bottom of the expanded window to see if materials have been posted. If your instructor has posted textbooks, you may find that there may be a hard-copy or digital book available. Digital books may have opt-out instructions.

You may purchase required materials from a preferred website (e.g., Amazon, Chegg), as long as you purchase the correct edition for your course using the ISBN.


    Print-Based Education

    Students who are interested in print-based courses, course credit by examination, or independent study projects can review the available courses on the OHIO Online website. To register for these courses, students must complete a course registration form.


    Correctional Education

    Incarcerated students who are interested in enrolling in degree or non-degree programs can read more about our Correctional Education program.


    Special Projects

    A Special Project is an arrangement for an individualized course offered as an independent study project. A contract must be developed between the student and faculty member offering the course, and other important restrictions apply.

Dropping a Course

Check your dates in your Student Center by clicking on the calendar icon to the left of your course(s) to confirm course add, drop and withdrawal dates. Students may drop individual courses, but not the last course, through their Student Center, much like how they enrolled. There may be financial or requisite implications for dropping course(s), therefore, students are encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor and any funding source used (e.g. Financial Aid, Veterans Services, Employer) prior to dropping any courses.

Withdraw from All Courses

Students who are considering a withdrawal from the semester, should email their academic advisor, found in their Student Center, so that they are aware of any academic or financial implications to a withdrawal. When emailing your request to your advisor, indicate Requesting Withdraw in the subject line. Students will not be able to drop their last class through their student center and will need to request the assistance of their advisor.

Print-Based and Course Credit By Examination Students

You may withdraw using the PBC and CCE withdrawal form. Withdrawal is not permitted on or after the last day to withdraw from a course, based on the academic calendar for the term.