Group II Instructional Faculty Promotion Guidelines

Guidelines for Instructional Faculty Promotion



Instructional Faculty Promotion Committee

Committee Responsibilities

Promotion Procedures

Notification of Intent to Seek Promotion


Early Promotion

Review of Instructional Faculty

Pre-Promotion Review Criteria

Promotion to Associate Professor of Instruction

Promotion to Professor of Instruction

Appendix A – Examples of teaching, mentorship, and advising effectiveness

Appendix B – Examples of service contributions

Appendix C – Documents Submission Guidelines

Appendix D – Curriculum vitae format


APPROVAL PAGE In accordance with the Faculty Handbook and the Promotion and Tenure Policy that were established by the College of Health Sciences of Professions faculty, the School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness instructional faculty voted to approve the foregoing guidelines for instructional faculty promotion on May 10, 2023.

Janet Simon, Promotion and Tenure Chair - 5/12/23

Chad Starkey, Director - 5/11/23

John McCarthy, Dean of CHSP - 5/20/23