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WGSS Student Research

Undergraduate Research


Laura Hyde received a FLAS, won a student achievement award, was secretary of the African Student Association and president of STARS (Students Teaching about Racism in Society).

Emily Burns conducted interviews and undertook research in India in order to complete her thesis with adviser Patty Stokes.

Rebecca Krelko wrote a thesis on"Homophobia, Humor and Male Rape: Family Guy's Role in the Modern Construction of Hegemonic Masculinity."

Graduate Research & Accomplishments


Zulfia Zaher, a Fulbright student from Afghanistan, won a WGSS Graduate Award during her M.A. work and went on to pursue a doctorate.

Molly Yanity, winner of the 2012 Allushuski Graduate Fellowship in WGSS, went on to a faculty position at Quinnipiac University's Program in Journalism.

Rudaba Nasir, International Development Studies, wrote a paper on "The Impact of Social Media on the Identities and Empowerment of Women in Diaspora Communities: A Case Study of Pakistani Muslim Women in New York City."

Ayantu Tibeso, Communication and Development Studies, wrote a paper on "International Oromo Youth Association: Revisiting the past, reimagining the future."

Graduate Student Conference

The Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Student Association at Ohio University, in collaboration with the Communication and Development Student Association, held its first graduate student conference in February 2014. The conference—Breaking Ground and Building Bridges: Communication, Gender, and Social Change in Global Communities—focused on gender and social change in a global context, highlighting the ways that activists and academics are both breaking ground and building bridges across a number of themes.

The conference is an opportunity not only to highlight emerging scholarship in the fields of gender, communication, and development, but also as a venue to open avenues of conversation between people working in various disciplines both within and outside of the academy around these issues.