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Thomas Vander Ven

Thomas Vander Ven, portrait
Professor of Sociology
Bentley Annex 023

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Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 1998

Research & Specialization

  • Crime and Juvenile Delinquency
  • Drinking and Drugs
  • Sexual Violence and Bystander Intervention
  • Sociology of Social Problems


Outstanding Graduate Faculty Member 2014

University Professor 2012-13

Eric A Wagner Teaching Professor 2009-12

Courses Taught

  • Soc 2000: Social Problems
  • Soc 3600: Criminology
  • Soc 3630: Juvenile Delinquency
  • Soc 3640: Police and Society
  • Soc 3600: Punishment and Society
  • Soc 4950: Senior Capstone
  • Soc 6030: Seminar in Crime and Deviance

Selected Publications

Rafferty, Rebecca and Thomas Vander Ven. In Press. “I Hate Everything About You: A Qualitative Examination of the Forms of Cyberbullying and Online Aggression in a College Sample.” Deviant Behavior.

Vander Ven, Thomas and Mark Colvin. 2013. "Crime and Coercion." In The Oxford Handbook of Criminological Theory, F. Cullen and P. Wilcox (eds.). Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press.

Vander Ven, Thomas. 2011. Getting Wasted: Why Students Drink Too Much and Party So Hard. New York: New York University Press.

Vander Ven, Thomas, and Patrick O' Brien. 2011. "The Morning After: The Definition and Management of Post-Intoxication Illness in a University Student Sample." The International Journal of Crime, Criminal Justice, and Law 4 (2).

Vander Ven, Thomas, and Jeffrey Beck. 2009. "Getting Drunk and Hooking Up: An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Alcohol Intoxication and Casual Coupling in a University Sample." Sociological Spectrum 29: 626-48.

Hoffman, Bruce, and Thomas Vander Ven. 2007. "Mother Blame and Delinquency Claims: Juvenile Delinquency and Maternal Responsibility in Expert Discourses." In Youth Violence and Delinquency Interventions, McShane and Williams (eds.). Praeger Publishing.

Vander Ven, Thomas. 2005. "The Community Construction of the Underage Drinker." Deviant Behavior 26: 129-49.

Vander Ven, Thomas and Francis T. Cullen. 2004. "The Impact of Maternal Employment on Serious Youth Crime: Do Working Conditions Matter?" Crime and Delinquency 50: 272- 91.

Vander Ven, Thomas. 2003. Working Mothers and Juvenile Delinquency. New York: LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC.

Vander Ven, Thomas, and Marikay Vander Ven. 2002. "Exploring Patterns of Mother-Blaming in Anorexia Scholarship: A Study in the Sociology of Knowledge". Human Studies.

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