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Mark Slayton

Mark Slayton, portrait
Research Scholar


Ph.D. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2018, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences, 2013, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan


My work focuses on lipid metabolism, diabetes and muscle physiology in the laboratory of Dr. Vishwajeet Puri. Our studies revolve around Fat-specific protein 27 (FSP27; a lipid droplet-associated protein) and its role as a regulatory protein in these pathways. We use both cell culture and animal models (mice) to modulate the expression of FSP27 in adipose tissue, muscle and endothelium. Our lab also collaborates with researchers around the world to determine how FSP27 functions in humans.

Select Publications

Slayton, M., Gupta, A., Balakrishnan, B., & Puri, V. (2019). CIDE Proteins in Human Health and Disease. Cells, 8(3), 238. doi:10.3390/cells8030238

Slayton, M., Hossain, T., & Biegalke, B. J. (2018). pUL34 binding near the human cytomegalovirus origin of lytic replication enhances DNA replication and viral growth. Virology, 518, 414–422. doi:10.1016/j.virol.2018.03.017