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Four-Year Plan for HTC Plant Biology Majors

Honors Tutorial College Plant Biology (BS1901)

Note: This list does not include electives, just required courses.

First Year

PBIO 1140 Foundations of Plant Biology

PBIO 1150 Structure and Development

CHEM 1510 Chemistry I

CHEM 1520 Chemistry II

MATH 2301 Calculus I

MATH 2301 Calculus II

HTC 2500 (Fall) HTC Seminar

ENG 1520 Writing

PBIO 2970T (Fall) Tutorial

PBIO 2980T (Spring) Tutorial

Second Year

PBIO 3300 Genetics

PBIO 2090 Plant Ecology

PBIO 3240 or 3260 Physiology

CHEM 3050 Organic Chem I

Chem 3060 Organic Chem II

PBIO 3150 Statistics

PBIO 2971T (Fall) Tutorial

PBIO 2981T (Spring) Tutorial

Third Year

PHYS 2051 Physics I

PHYS 2052 Physics II

BIOS 3XXX Biological Sciences

PBIO 4180J Writing for Science

PBIO 4940 or 4910 Research/Internship

PBIO 3970T (Fall) Tutorial

PBIO 3980T (Spring) Tutorial

Fourth Year

PBIO 4170 Research Ethics

PBIO 4970T (Fall) Thesis

PBIO 4980T (Spring) Thesis