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2010 Physics & Astronomy Graduate Student Publications

A selection of referred publications.

H. Nguyen, A. B. Neiman
Spontaneous dynamics and response properties of a Hodgkin-Huxley-type neuron model driven by harmoinc synaptic noise
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 187(1), 179-187 (2010)

L. Han, A. B. Neiman
Spontaneous oscillations, signal amplification, and synchronization in a model of active hair bundle mechanics
Physical Review E 81(4), 041913 (2010)

A. A. Abdo et al. (incl. M. Böttcher, C. Gusbar, and P. Roustazadeh),
A change in the optical polarization associated with a gamma-ray flare in the blazar 3C279
Nature, 463, 919 (2010)

S. Vercellone, et al. (incl. M. Böttcher, P. Roustazadeh, and N. Palma)
Multiwavelength Observations of 3C454.3. III. Eighteen Months of AGILE Monitoring of the "Crazy Diamond"
Astrophysical Journal, 712, 405 (2010)

VERITAS Collaboration: V. A. Acciari, et al. (incl. M. Böttcher, P. Roustazadeh, and A. Lamerato)
The Discovery of Gamma-Ray Emission from the Blazar RGB J0710+591
Astrophysical Journal, 715, L49 (2010)

Roustazadeh, P., & Böttcher, M.
VHE Gamma-Ray Induced Pair Cascades in Blazars and Radio Galaxies: Application to NGC 1275
Astrophysical Journal, 717, 468? (2010)

Mok, YF; Lin, FH; Graham, LA,Celik Y., Braslavsky I, Davies PL
Structural Basis for the Superior Activity of the Large Isoform of Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein
Biochemistry, 49(11) 2593-2603 (2010)

Celik, Y; Graham, LA; Mok, YF, et al
Superheating of ice crystals in antifreeze protein solutions.

G. Chen, C. Wan
Residual strain in thermally annealed periodic mesoporous silica revealed by x-ray scattering
Applied Physics Letters 96, 141906 (2010).

B. Cai, D. A. Drabold and S. R. Elliott
Structural fingerprints of electronic and optical changes in the phase change material Ge2Sb2Te5
Applied Physics Letters 97 191908 (2010).

AO Govorov, Fan Zhiyuan, Pedro Hernandex, JM Slocik and RR Naik
Theory of circular dichroism of nanostructures comprising chiral molecules and nanocrystals: Plasmon enhancement, dipole interactions, and dielectric effects
Nano Letters 10, 1374-1382 (2010)

Fan, Zhiyuan, Govorov, AO
Plasmonic Circular Dichroism of Chiral Metal Nanoparticle Assemblies
Nano Letters, 10, 2580-2587, (2010)

K. Clark, A. Hassanien, S. Khan, K.-F. Braun, H. Tanaka, and S.-W. Hla
"Superconductivity in Just Four Pairs of (BETS)2-GaCl4 Molecules"
Nature Nanotechnology 5 261-265 (2010)

Clark K, Hassanien A, Khan, A, Tanaka H, Braun KF, Hla SW
Superconductivity in just four pairs of (BETS)2-GaCl4 molecules
Nature Nanotechnology 5 (4) 261-265 (2010)

Jung P, Swaminathan D, Ullah A
Calcium spikes: Chance or necessity?
Chemical Physics 375(2-3) 625-629 (2010)

Jeongihm Pak, Wenzhi Lin, Kangkang Wang, Abhijit Chinchore, Meng Shi, David C. Ingram, Arthur R. Smith, Kai Sun, J. M. Lucy, A. J. Hauser, and F. Y. Yang
Growth of Epitaxial Iron Nitride Ultrathin Film on Zinc-Blende Gallium Nitride
Journal Vacuum Science Technology A 28(4) 536 (2010)

Rolon JE, Ulloa SE
Coherent control of indirect excitonic qubits in optically driven quantum dot molecules
Physical Review B 82(11) 115307 (2010)

Perera UGE, Kulik HJ, Iancu V, et al
Spatially Extended Kondo State in Magnetic Molecules Induced by Interfacial Charge Transfer
Physical Review Letters 105(10) 106601 (2010)

Mauricio Garrido, Kushal C. Wijesundara, Swati Ramanathan, E. A. Stinaff, A. S. Bracker, D. Gammon
Electric field control of a quantum dot molecule through optical Excitation Author(s)
Applied Physics Letters 96 (21) 211115 (2010)

Ngo, AT; Debray, P; Ulloa, SE Lateral spin-orbit interaction and
spin polarization in quantum point contacts

Physical Review B 81(11) 115328 (2010)