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2009 Physics & Astronomy Graduate Student Publications

A selection of referred publications.

P. Debray, S. M. S. Rahman, J. Wan, R. S. Newrock, M. Cahay, Anh T. Ngo, S. E. Ulloa, S. T. Herbert, M. Muhammad, adn M. Johnson
All-electric quantum point contact spin-polarizer
Nature Nanotech.4, 759 (2009).

Soriano J, Braslavsky I, Xu D, et al.
Universality of Persistence Exponents in Two-Dimensional Ostwald Ripening
Physical Review Letters 103, 226101, (NOV 27 2009)

P. Biswas, D. N. Tafen, F. Inam, B. Cai and D. A. Drabold
Materials modeling by design: application to amorphous solids
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 21 084207 (2009)

HH Richardson, MT Carlson, PJ Tandler, Pedro Hernandez, and AO Govorov
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Light-to-Heat Conversion and Collective Heating Effects in Metal Nanoparticle Solutions
Nano Letters 9(3) 1139-1149 (2009)

B Cai and DA Drabold
Ab initio models of amorphous InN
Physical Review B 79 195204 (2009)

Swaminathan D, Ullah G, Jung P.
A simple sequential-binding model for calcium puffs.
Chaos 19(3) 037109 (2009)

Yang CJ, Elster C, Phillips DR
Subtractive renormalization of the NN interaction in chiral effective theory up to next-to-next-to-leading order: S waves
Physical Review C, 80(4), 044002 (2009)

Yang CJ, Elster C, Phillips DR
Subtractive renormalization of the chiral potentials up to next-to-next-to-leading order in higher NN partial waves
Physical Review C 80(3), 034002 (2009)

Platter L, Ji C, Phillips DR
Range corrections to three-body observables near a Feshbach resonance
Physical Review A 79(2) 022702 (2009)

Khan A, Khan SN, Jadwisienczak WM, et al.
Growth and optical properties for non-catalytically grown ZnO micro-tubules by simple thermal evaporation
Materials Letters 63(23) 2019-2021 (2009)

Vaughn JM, Jamison KD, Kordesch ME
In Situ Emission Microscopy of Scandium/Scandium-Oxide and Barium/Barium-Oxide Thin Films on Tungsten
IEEE Transactions of Electron Devices 56(5) 794-798 (2009)

Kangkang Wang, Abhijit Chinchore, Wenzhi Lin, David C. Ingram, Arthur R. Smith, Adam J. Hauser, and Fengyuan Yang
Epitaxial Growth of Ferromagnetic Delta-phase Manganese Gallium on Semiconducting Scandium Nitride (001)
Journal of Crystal Growth 311 2265 (2009)

Rolon JE, Ulloa SE
Forster energy-transfer signatures in optically driven quantum dot molecules
Physical Review B 79(24) 245309 (2009)