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Art Oestrike

Art Oestrike, portrait
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Being the son of an English woman, Andrew Arthur Oestrike (Art) grew up in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland with a worldly outlook. He enrolled in Ohio University in 1994 and having studied Russian in high school, he continued this pursuit at Ohio University. While studying abroad in Moscow in the spring of 1996, he discovered his passion for linguistics, language, communication, and worldly adventures. With influences from his father, a blue-collar entrepreneur in the east side of Cleveland, Oestrike was pushed toward business-minded pursuits and returned to the community he was passionate about. After three years of teaching English in South Korea, he fulfilled his dream by starting his own business and starting his career within the Linguistics Department at Ohio University. Ten years later, he continues his passion for teaching, entrepreneurship, and his love of the Appalachian region by engaging students, leading employees and creating a culture of forward thinking for the future leaders of the community, region and global network.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Confident individual with a positive outlook on life and an ability to transfer that enthusiasm to others
  • Enjoys seeing the lights turn on in the eyes of my students, employees, and colleagues
  • Thirteen years of ESL and EFL teaching experience
  • Nine years of business experience
  • Experience using technology for language acquisition
  • Excellent interpersonal skills used to work effectively with people from all walks of life


M.A. in Linguistics, 2008, Ohio University. Presented final project at CALICO 2008

B.A. in Russian, March 2001, Ohio University. Studied abroad Spring quarter 1996

B.S. in Education, July 2001, Ohio University. Specialization in Russian, grades K-12; specialization in Comprehensive Social Studies, grades 7-12

Professional Experience

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

  • Engaged 150 Ohio University students, international and undergraduate students
  • Lecturer, English Language Improvement Program (September 2010 – present)
    • English lecturer of oral communication classes for graduate and undergraduate students
    • Developed course for future undergraduate international students within the College of Business
    • Assisted with improvement of oral communication classes for international graduate teaching assistants
    • Recruited international students to partake in classes that improve their abilities to interact within the College of Business at Ohio University.
    • Rated SPEAK Test
  • Adjunct Faculty, English Language Improvement Program (September 2009 – June 2010)
    • Taught graduate oral communication courses
    • Oriented students to American cultures and norms
    • Rated SPEAK Test
  • Intern, Ohio Program of Intensive English (September 2008 – July 2010)
    • Directed international students toward a successful academic future at Ohio University
  • Teaching Assistant, Global Leadership Center (September 2007 – June 2008)
    • Advised a diverse group of students toward success in all future pursuits and endeavors
  • Adjunct Faculty, Ohio Program of Intensive English (September 2006 – Aug. 2007)
    • Directed international students toward a successful academic future at Ohio University
  • Teaching Assistant, Linguistics (September 2004 – April 2006)
    • While studying linguistics, emphasis was placed upon directing international students towards a successful academic future at Ohio University.

Young Hoon Elementary School, Seoul, Korea

  • Instructor, English as a Second Language (March 2003 – February 2004)

Song Wan Girls High School, Kwangju, Korea

  • Instructor, English as a Second Language (March 2002 – February 2003)

Wonderland Institute, Kwangju, Korea

  • Instructor, English as a Second Language (August 2001 – March 2002)

Logan High School, Logan, Ohio

  • Student Teacher, History (December 2000)

Kenston High School, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

  • Student Teacher, Russian (September 1999 – December 1999)

Business Experience

Manager/Owner, October 2003 to present, General Zod Inc. dba Bagel Street Deli, Athens, Ohio

  • Oversee over 20 employees during day-to-day business
  • Responsible for scheduling, payroll, accounting, marketing, and special events

Manager/Owner, Dec 2005 – present, ZOD LLC dba Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery, Athens, Ohio

  • Employer of over 75 employees; 15 full-time staff
  • Manage relations with 1,500-plus accounts
  • Coordinate with of head of advertising/marketing, sustainability, and community relations

Skills: All Microsoft Office programs, Mac hobbyist, Moodle, Adobe Acrobat Professional, social networking experience, MICROS systems