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John R. McNamara

Professor Emeritus
Porter 200


Ph.D. (1971) University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Dr. McNamara is not accepting new graduate students.

Research Area

Clinical Psychology

Research Interests

Dr. McNamara has been actively involved in assessing the outcome of behavioral interventions for a wide variety of disorders with children and adults in medical, correctional, educational, and organizational settings. He has also published extensively on the ethical issues involved in the practice of psychotherapy. His most recent work involves the construction and evaluation of, The Abuse Disability Questionnaire, a new instrument for assessing the consequences of partner abuse. This instrument is a screening instrument that will be useful to domestic violence shelters, community mental health centers, or any clinical practitioner involved with domestic violence survivors. Currently, The Abuse Disability Questionnaire is being used at Lighthouse (the domestic violence shelter in Fairfield County) and the Department of Human Services in Fairfield County to assess the degree of impairment from abuse. Because of Dr. McNamara's expertise in program design and evaluation, he has been recruited by a number of governmental agencies (e.g., the U.S. General Accounting Office) and local and national programs and organizations (e.g., the Ohio State Board of Psychology, Head Start, Domestic Violence Programs) to conduct evaluations of their organizations and programs.

Selected Publications

McNamara, J. R., Ertl, M. A., Marsh, S., & Walker, S. (1997). Short-term response to counseling and case management intervention in a domestic violence shelter. Psychological Reports, 81, 1243-1251.

McNamara, J. R., Ertl, M., & Neufeld, J. (1998). Problem-solving in relation to abuse by a partner. Psychological Reports, 83, 943-946.

Hollmann, C., & McNamara, J. R. (1999). Considerations in the use of active and passive parental consent procedures. The Journal of Psychology, 133, 141- 156.

Neufeld, J., McNamara, J. R., & Ertl, M. (1999). Incidence and prevalence of dating partner abuse and its relationship to dating behaviors. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 14, 125-137.

Garske, J., & McNamara, J. R. (1999). The value of scientist-practitioner training in dealing with changing professional demands: An opinion survey of clinical graduates. The Clinical Psychologist, 52, 21-22.

McNamara, J. R., Brooker, D. J. (2000). The Abuse Disability Questionnaire: A new scale for assessing the consequences of partner abuse. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 15, 170-183.


Schumacher, G., & McNamara, J. R. A proposal to fund the establishment of an Institute of Health and Behavioral Science at Ohio University. 1804 Fund of Ohio University, 1980, ($12,500).

OU Kennedy Lecture Visitor Grant to bring to campus Dr. Patrick DeLeon, from the Kennedy Lecture Series, $1,262, from 5/26 - 5/17/98, John McNamara with Ray Lorion (Co-PI's). (received 1997-98)

An analysis of the Abuse Disability Questionnaire, Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Fairfield County to the Lighthouse, Inc. $1500, 98-99, John R. McNamara, PI (received 1997-98)

Courses Taught

Abnormal Psychology; Introduction to Clinical Psychology

Behavior Therapy; Child Therapy; Issues in Psychology; Treatment and Counseling