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Deborah Marinski

Deborah Marinski. portrait
Associate Professor
Southern Campus


Ph.D. in history from the University of Toledo

MA in history from the University of Toledo

Research Fields

  • U.S. History
  • Ohio History
  • Social History

Debbie Marinski is an Associate Professor of History on the Southern Campus, where she teaches courses in U.S. History. Her research interests focus on late 19th and early 20th century American social issues including disability, mental illness, and the processes of institutionalization primarily in Ohio. She also has an interest in popular culture representations of American history and serves as the Area Chair of American History and American Studies for the Southwest Popular American Culture Association

Currently, she is the Academic Division Coordinator for the Southern Campus.


Marinski, Deborah R. William McKinley: A Modern Man. NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2011.

Marinski, Deborah R. “State Policies and the Public Response to Institutionalization: Caring for the Insane in Late Nineteenth Century Ohio.” Ohio History, 114 (Spring 2007): 118-131.


Dr. Marinski was recognized as the Outstanding Professor in Teaching in spring 2020 for the Southern campus. Her courses include:

  • HIST 2000 – America to 1865
  • HIST 2010 – America from 1865
  • HIST 3000 – Atlantic History
  • HIST 3004 – Revolutionary Era
  • HIST 3018 – History of the American South to 1900
  • HIST 3081 – The Civil War and its Aftermath
  • HIST 3100 – Emergence of Modern United States
  • HIST 3111J – Historical Research and Writing
  • HIST 3170 – Survey of Ohio History
  • HIST 3220 – 1960s in US: Decade of Controversy