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Peter Jung

Peter Jung, portrait
Distinguished Professor and Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy
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Ph.D., University of Ulm, Germany (1985)



Quantitive Biology Institute (QBI)

Ohio University Neuroscience Program

Personal Profile

Peter Jung's research focus is on the physics of biological systems. He tries to understand the organization and function of living systems in terms of concepts and principles from physics. To do so he uses an array of methods ranging from analytical theory to detailed computational modeling. All projects are integrated with experimental research performed by his collaborators elsewhere. Students in his group take courses and labs in the biological sciences. Students who have graduated from his group have been able to take advantage of amply available postdoctoral employment opportunities in physics, biology, bioengineering and medical sciences.

In 2004, Jung was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society (Division of Biological Physics) "for distinguished contributions to statistical and nonlinear physics far from equilibrium and for elucidating the role of noise in biological systems."' In his free time, Jung likes running or hiking on the Athens trails, or enjoys the beautiful outdoors of southeast Ohio.