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Debra Henderson

Associate Professor Emerita of Sociology
Bentley Annex 137


Ph.D., Washington State University, 1996


  • Eric A. Wagner Teaching Professorship 2015-18
  • Presidential Teacher 2008-11
  • Arts & Sciences Dean's Outstanding Teacher Award 2006

Research & Specialization

Sociology of Family, Social Inequality, Poverty, Sociology of Sport, Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender

Selected Publications

Tickamyer, Ann R. and Debra A. Henderson. 2011. "Livelihood Practices in the Shadow of Welfare Reform." Chapter in K. Smith and A. Tickamyer (eds.). Economic Restructuring and Family Well-Being in America. Penn State Press.

Tickamyer, Ann R. and Debra A. Henderson. 2010. “Devolution, Social Exclusion, and Spatial Inequality in U.S. Welfare Provision.” Pp. 41-60 in P. Milbourne (ed.). Welfare Reform in Rural Places: Comparative Perspectives in Rural Sociology and Development. Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd.

Henderson, Debra A. and Ann R. Tickamyer. 2009. "The Intersection of Poverty Discourses: Race, Class, Culture, and Gender.” Pp.50-72 in B. Thornton Dill and R.E. Zambrana (eds.) Emerging Intersections: Race, Class, and Gender in Theory, Policy and Practice. Rutgers University Press.

Henderson, Debra A. and Ann R. Tickamyer. 2008. "Lost in Appalachia: The Unexpected Impact of Welfare Reform on Older Women in Rural Communities." Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. 35(3): 153-171.

Tickamyer, Ann, Debra Henderson, and Barry Tadlock. 2007. "Does Welfare Reform Work in Rural America?: A 7-Year Follow-Up." University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research Discussion Paper Series, DP2007-06.

Tickamyer, Ann R., Julie White, Barry Tadlock, and Debra A. Henderson. 2007. "The Spatial Politics of Public Policy: Devolution, Development and Welfare Reform." Pp. 113-119 in L. Lobao, G. Hooks, and A.Tickamyer (eds.). The Sociology of Spatial Inequality. NY: Suny Press.

Henderson, Debra A., Ann R. Tickamyer and Barry L. Tadlock. 2005. "The Impact of Welfare Reform on the Parenting Role of Women in Rural Communities." Journal of Children and Poverty. 11(2): 131-147.

Tickamyer, Ann R. and Debra A. Henderson. 2003. Rural Women: New Roles for a New Century." Pp. 109-117 in D.L. Brown and L.E. Swanson (eds). Challenges for Rural America in the Twenty-First Century. University Park. Penn State University Press.

Henderson, Debra A., Ann R. Tickamyer, Barry L. Tadlock and Julie Anne White. 2002. "Rural Appalachian Families in the Wake of Welfare Reform. Family Focus. 6(4): 7-9.

Henderson, Debra A. 2001. "'It's My Underwear Day and I'm Watching Golf': Humor, Impression Management and Marital Interaction in the Intermarried Couple." Sociological Imagination. 37(4): 257-282.

Henderson, Debra A. 2000. "Racial/Ethnic Intermarried Couples and Marital Interaction: Marital Issues and Problem Solving." Sociological Focus. 33(4): 423-440.

Tickamyer, Ann, Debra A. Henderson, Julie Anne White, and Barry Tadlock. 2000. "Voices of Welfare Reform: Bureaucratic Rationality Versus the Perceptions of Welfare Participants." Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work. 15(2): 173-192.

Smith, Earl and Debra A. Henderson. 1999. "Stacking in the Team Sport of Intercollegiate Baseball." Pp. 65-84 in D. Brooks and R. Althouse (eds.). Racism in College Athletics: The African American Athlete's Experience, Second Edition. Morgantown, WV: F

Courses Taught

  • Soc 1000: Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 2330: Sociology of Sport
  • Soc 3301: Classes and Social Inequality
  • Soc 4210/5210: Comparative Studies of the Family
  • Soc 4220/5220: American Family Systems
  • Soc 6120: Seminar in Issues of Social Inequality
  • Soc 6130: Seminar in Race and Ethnic Relations