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Emma Rogers

Emma Rogers, portrait
Graduate Student

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Clinical Psychology


Dr. Steven Evans


Emma is a clinical psychology graduate student in the doctoral program at Ohio University. Her research interests are focused on the evaluation of evidence-based interventions for adolescents and youth with ADHD and evidence-based assessment. Emma earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Kansas in 2015.

Prior to attending Ohio University, Emma gained clinical experience for two years as a Program Coordinator at Children’s Mercy Hospital’s Summer Treatment Program. In the Center for Intervention Research Schools, she has acted as Camp Boost Co-Clinical Supervisor for the past two summers and is currently the Project Coordinator for Computer-Assisted Behavior Intervention (CABI) project. In past years, she has served as Project Coordinator for the Individual Formative Assessment of Behavior (IFAB) and Making Socially Accepting Inclusive Classrooms (MOSAIC) projects.

Her hobbies include playing with her two dogs named Beyoncé and Arthur, pretending to enjoy kale smoothies, scoping out delicious gluten-free restaurants and telling people her hobby is running.