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English Foundations in Written Communication


Foundations courses in BRICKS ground general education: Among these are courses in which you may learn essential written communication skills that will prepare you for your college courses and for your career after graduation.

Written Communication

Three credit hours of Written Communication coursework is required.

  • Either ENG 1510 - Writing and Rhetoric I (3 hours) or ENG 1610 - Freshman Composition: Writing and Rhetoric (4 hours) (for non-native English speakers only) will satisfy the Written Communication requirement. ENG 1510 may transfer to any other Ohio public college or university as First Writing. 

Advanced Writing


Three credit hours of Advanced Writing coursework is required. The English Department offers a variety of courses that fulfill this requirement. These include the following:

  • ENG 2800 – Writing with Research. This course may transfer to any other Ohio public college or university as Second Writing.
  • ENG 3060J – Women and Writing
  • ENG 3070J – Writing and Research in English Studies. This course is primarily for English and Integrated Language Arts majors.
  • ENG 3080J – Writing and Rhetoric
  • ENG 3090J – Writing in the Sciences
  • ENG 3100J – Writing About Environmental Sustainability

Note for students entering prior to Fall 2021 on Tiers requirements

The Tiers IJ requirement may be met by any course across the university fulfilling the BRICKS Foundations: Advanced Writing requirement. This course may be taken prior to your junior year.

Any additional questions can be addressed to the English Department Chair, Dr. Beth Quitslund.