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Rhetoric & Composition Dissertation Titles

Jill Manoukian, 2023: "International Students from Distressed Locations: Perceived Needs, Resources, and Teacher Awareness"

Courtney Mauck, 2022: “'Tap to Add a Snap!': What Snapchat Can Teach Us About Critical Digital Literacy in First-Year Writing"

Garrett Cummins, 2022: "Single yet Multiple: Analyzing a Single Data Visualization in Three Online Contexts"

Quang Ly, 2022: ""A Learning Entanglement: The Crossing Points in Which Business Students Oscillate Between Collaborative Writing and Cooperative Writing in a High-stakes Group Project"

David Johnson, 2020: "Cultural Competencies, Racial Literacy, and Composition: Applying Antiracist Frameworks in First- and Third-Year Writing"

Erica Leigh, 2020: "Feminist Food Studies in Composition: An Intersectional Approach to Body-Acceptance and Forming Sustainable Relationships with Food."

Sean Whelan, 2020: "Bridging the Gap: Transfer Theory and Video Games in the Writing Classroom"

Michael Johnson, 2019: "Reaching Critical Mas/culinities: Normative Masculine Ideology as Gendered Rhetorical Embodiment"

Robin McCrary, 2019: "Beyond Genesis: A (Trans)cultural Exigency for Creative Writing Research and Scholarship"

Yavanna Brownlee, 2018: "Decolonizing Composition & Rhetoric Programs: An Indigenous Rhetorics Model for Implementing Concepts of Relationship and Integrating Marginalized Rhetorics"

Cactus May, 2018: "Between the Lines: Writing Ethics Pedagogy"

Talitha May, 2018: "Writing the Apocalypse: Pedagogy at the End of the World"

Samuel Stinson, 2018: "Writing with Video Games"

Rachael Ryerson, 2017: "Queering Composition Pedagogy: A Multimodal Archive of Composing Queer(ly) in the Writing Classroom"

Hillery Glasby, 2016: "Pedagogies and Politics of Queer Doing and Being in the Writing Classroom: Finding Out About Rhetoric and Composition?s LGBTQ Student-Writers"

Amanda Hayes, 2015: "You'uns: Toward Appalachian Rhetorical Sovereignty"

Matthew Nuñes, 2015: "The Theme System: Current-Traditionalism, Writing Assignments, and the Development of First-Year Composition, 1885-1920"

Matthew Vetter, 2015: "Teaching Wikipedia: The Pedagogy and Politics of an Open Access Writing Community"

Lana Oweidat, 2014: "Disrupting the Western Gaze: An Arab-Islamic Intervention in Rhetoric and Composition Studies"

John Whicker, 2014: "Object Oriented Writing Theory: Writers, Texts, Ecologies"

Craig Meyer, 2013: "Infusing Dysfluency into Rhetoric and Composition: Overcoming the Stutter"

Lydia McDermott, 2012: "Sonogram: A Rhetoric of Echo-Location"

Melanie Lee, 2012: "Reconceptualizing Masculinized L/logos, Re(Image)ining the Rhetorical Feminine in Composition"

Todd Snyder, 2011 "The Hillbilly Speaks of Rhetoric: Critical Theory, Composition Pedagogy, and the Appalachian Region"

John Borczon, 2010: "Learning and Transformation: How Students and Teachers Define and Shape Each Other in the Classroom and in Pedagogic Literature"

Don Dudding, 2009: "Between Saints and Snakes: Explicating the Historical, Philosophical, and Theoretical Foundations of Rhetorical Authority"

Gwen Hart, 2009: "Composing Metaphors: Metaphors for Writing in the Composition Classroom"

Nathan Shepley, 2009: "Composition at the ?Harvard on the Hocking?: Rhetoricizing Place and History"

Paul Shovlin, 2009: "Writing Bytes: Articulating a Techno-critical Pedagogy"

Megan Titus, 2009: "Surfacing Teacher and Student Voices: The Implications of Teaching Practices for Students? Attitudes toward Revision"

Talinn Phillips, 2008: "Examining Bridges, Expanding Boundaries, Imagining New Identities: The Writing Center as Bridge for Second Language Graduate Writers"

William Breeze, 2006: "Teaching a critical culture: raising our pedagogical consciousness in the writing classroom"

Kelly Kinney, 2005: "A Political Administration: Political Pedagogy, Institutional Location, and Teaching Assistant Preparation"

Candace Stewart, 2003: "(Re) Imagining the Person (al): A History of Composition's Scholarly Representations of the Self, 1980-2002"

Christina Fisanick, 2003: "The Embodied Pedagogue: Teaching and Writing with the Body"