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James C. Cavender

James C. Cavender, portrait
Professor Emeritus
Porter Hall 307C


Ph.D., University of Wisconson, 1963


  • Cellular Slime Molds

In my laboratory, we are studying: phylogeny, taxonomy, ecology, and geographical distribution of dictyostelid cellular slime molds, supported by NSF PBI.

Current and Recent Research Projects

  • Distribution, taxonomy, and ecology of dictyostelid cellular slime molds in Iguazu, Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, Argentina.
  • Cellular slime mold inventory of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (ATBI).
  • Cellular slime molds of Australia.
  • Cellular slime molds of South Africa.
  • Cellular slime mold soil population decline in Ohio 1972-2008.
  • Cellular slime mold diversity in Ohio.
  • Cellular slime molds of Madagascar.
  • Cellular slime molds of the Aberdare Mountains, Kenya.

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