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Brier Gallihugh

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Graduate Student
Porter 341B

Year of Entry

Fall 2020


Experimental Psychology


Dr. Kimberly Rios


Ohio University, Athens, OH August 2020-Present.
Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology. Concentration: Social Psychology. Adviser: Kimberly Rios, Ph.D.

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI September 2017-August 2021
M.S. in Experimental Psychology. Master’s Thesis: An exploratory scale of Christian privilege: The development of a scale to measure the attitudinal constituents of Christian privilege (Proposal Approval: April 2020; Oral Defense: March 2021). Adviser/Chair: Stephen Jefferson, Ph.D.

Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, MI August 2012-May 2017
B.A. in Psychology, Minor: Biology


Research Interests

In-Out Group Dynamics

  • The role of religious beliefs on prosocial behavior and privilege awareness
  • The role of political ideology on trait attribution and decision making
  • The role of racial identity on prosocial behavior and privilege awareness

Prejudice Reduction

  • Anti-Atheist Prejudice
  • Racial Prejudice
  • Anti-LGBTQA Prejudice
  • Anti-Muslim Prejudice

Selected Conference Presentations

Gallihugh, B. & Rios, K. (2022, February). Inter-ethnic ideologies as predictors of black lives mater and all lives matter movements. Poster presentation at the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, USA.

Gallihugh, B. & Jefferson, S. (2021, April). Political orientation and decision making with respect to sexual misconduct. Poster presentation at the Midwestern Psychological Association, USA.

Gallihugh, B. (2021, February). An Exploratory Model of Christian Privilege: The Development of a Scale to Measure the Attitudinal Constituents of Christian Privilege. Poster presentation at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, USA.

Advising and Tutoring Experience

Psychology Department Advising Center Career Adviser, June 2021-Present