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A&S Distinguished Alumni Awards

Founding Members of the College of Arts & Sciences Notable Alumni

In 2017, the College of Arts & Sciences invited its distinguished alumni to serve as founding members of a new college alumni recognition program—the Notable Alumni Award.

Distinguished Alumni Awards previously honored alumni who are accomplished in their professional fields, provide outstanding service to the college or a department, or demonstrate leadership in community service.

Stanley P. Abrams AB 1953

Patricia A. Ackerman BA 1966

Carl A. Alexander BS 1955 MS 1956

Barbara E. Allushuski, AB '74

Phillip D. Ashkettle '67

Ann M. Bartuska, MS '77

Edmund O. Becker MA 1973

Roscoe R. Braham BS 1942

Jeanette Grasselli Brown BS 1950 DS 1978

William C. Byham BS 1958 MS 1960

Jeffrey A. Clark AB 1972

Michael E. Ervin AB 1970

Robert B. Goldberg BS 1966

Philip H. Gordon AB 1984

Nancy M. Haag AB 1978

Dolores K. Hanna AB 1949

John M. Haseley BA 1987

John S. Heller PhD 1972

Ariel C. Hollinshead AB 1951 DS 1977

Patrick A. Jackson BS 1981 MS 1983

Janis E. Jones BS 1979

Jeffrey S. Jones BS 1981

R. Marc Kantrowitz, BA '72 MA '74

C. Frederick Kittle AB 1942 LLD 1967

J. Michael Lawrie AB 1975

Mark M. Littler BS 1961 MS 1966

Alan M. MacEachren, AB '73

David R. McFarland MS 1972 BS 1972

Roger S. Nasci BS 1974 MS 1976

Ralph S. Quatrano '64

Dale A. Quattrochi BS 1973

Catherine Hall Roberts MA 1972 PhD 1981

Douglas S. Roberts AB 1973

Henry H. Roenigk AB 1956

Richard A. Rudick BS 1972

D. William Schlott BS 1958

Daniel K.C. Shao AB 1972 LLD 1998

Ronald K. Tompkins AB 1956

Peggy Viehweger '71

You-Qiang Wang Ph.D 1989 MA 1992

Howard C. Weizmann AB 1970

Jane K. Weizmann BA 1970

Laura Tabler Wheat AB 1979

David C. Wilhelm AB 1977 DPS 2002

David A. Wolfort AB 1974

James A. Wycoff, AB '71